QCY T20 AilyPods review: Affordable TWS earphones with surprises

July 21, 2022


  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • 5 hours playtime of earbuds
  • 13mm LCP composite titanium-coated diaphragm
  • Noise cancelation
  • IPX4 waterproof rating


  • Average sound quality
  • Small charging case

QCY T20 TWS Earbuds

There are a few big names in the TWS market that don’t allow other, less-popular brands to introduce their products worthily. As you guess, we are talking about the Cupertino-based Apple and its AirPods and the likes. However, if you want genuine Bluetooth earphones at a relatively lower price but with good performance, there are many models you can choose from. Frankly, the QCY T20 AiryPods is among them. Though its price and name don’t leave much to be desired, after reading the review, we are sure you will change your mind.

Probably, the biggest highlight of the product is the latest version of the Bluetooth 5.3 chip. Due to it, the transmission performance has been improved a lot. But you will be surprised to know how much it costs. In the end, when you compare the price and the features the QCY T20 AiryPods comes with, you will understand that this is a very competitive product.

Design and what’s in the box

The charging case of the QCY T20 is too small. It has a rounded pebble shape. The dimensions are only 53.8*24.6*48.4mm. You won’t find any keys on it. There is only a pinhole indicator on the front. That’s why its surface is extremely round and it feels like a polished small stone in hand.

As the case is too small, it’s assumable that the earbuds are small as well. The length of the earbud is only 2.6cm. This also means that the earphones won’t make any inconvenience when worn for a long time. Moreover, we can see a metal etching mesh process added to the earbuds. The indicator light is wrapped in it.

We don’t like to talk much about the design of such products because they mostly have the same appearance. So it’s better to take a look inside the box and began testing it.

Besides the earbuds, you will find the charging case, a USB Type-C cable, and a manual. However, you should be informed that there are no eartips in the box because we are talking about semi-in-ear earbuds.

Autonomy and game latency

The battery capacity of the chase is 220mAh, while each earbud comes with a 35mAh battery. In effect, the total standby time reaches approximately 100 hours. However, when listening to music, the earbuds can last about 5.5 hours. Plus, the charging case will additional 14.5 hours. So in total, we have 20 hours of autonomy when using as should.

Well, we said that there is a USB Type-C cable in the package. Through it, the battery can be fully charged in 2 hours.

Interestingly, the QCY T20 AilyPods comes with game mode support. We say interestingly because products from this price range usually lack it. You can activate it either in the app or manually. Once done, the earphones will become a good assistant when playing games. When saying this, we mean the audio saturation and low-frequency sound effects will be weakened to a certain extent. However, you will better hear enemies’ footsteps.

By the way, the connection delay is 68ms. We won’t say this is in line with the gaming headsets, but it’s still acceptable. Lastly, you should know that in this mode, the earphones will drain more power.

QCY T20 mobile app

Many of us do not like using mobile apps with TWS earphones. That’s logical. So we won’t insist on using the one dedicated to the QCY T20. However, if you wish, you will find many practical features that will ease your life a lot.

We want to mention the pop-up function. Like other products on the market, once you take out the earphones from the chase, you will get a pop-up notification on your phone’s screen telling how much battery power is remaining.

Apart from this, you can make adjustments to the various configurations. For instance, you can customize buttons, adjust EQ, make various changes sin game/standard/sleep modes, etc.

Generally, when talking about interaction with the QCY T20 AilyPods, we should say that it supports a touch operation method. You can do everything by touching the control area on the earphone handle. As you guess, the operations will differ by the number of taps. You can change them in the app.

By default, the QCY T20 AilyPods operations are:

  • Double tap: play/pause music
  • Double tap: answer/hang up
  • Long press (1.5s): previous/next
  • Long press (1.5s): reject call
  • Triple tap L earbud: wake the voice assistant
  • Triple tap R earbud: enter the game mode

Noise cancelation effect

There are 4 mics on the QCY T20 AilyPods for the noise canceling. These mics make a beamforming technology in the form of a microphone array. Due to them, the earphones can accurately recognize human voices.

At the same time, the earphones support ENC (environment noise cancelation). The mics can also analyze the noise of the environment via a smart algorithm.

Due to these two techs, the QCY T20 AilyPods can provide clear calls even in noisy outdoors.

Sound quality

Lastly, there is a built-in 13mm LCP composite diaphragm speaker. Plus, the company has added a titanium plating process on the surface of the diaphragm, which makes the sound more transparent.

We are talking about cheap TWS earphones. So it is reasonable to know that the QCY T20 AilyPods doesn’t provide anything outstanding. But it is still better than expected. We mean the recognition of the high, medium, and low-frequency bands is quite delicate. The bass performance is good as well. Finally, the earphones perform well in the mid-range vocals.


We were surprised by the performance these earphones provided. We mean affordable TWS earphones usually do not provide acceptable performance. But this is not the case with the QCY T20 AilyPods.

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