Fengmi V10 review: Not perfect, but good purchase option

July 21, 2022


  • 4K projection light source
  • Good audio
  • Many interfaces
  • Voice control


  • Average brightness
  • Not ideal screen adaptation

Fengmi V10

This is a relatively new projector launched in May. Externally, it looks like the Apple HomePod. But we are dealing with a Xiaomi product. Yes, the same Xiaomi that has been called Chinese Apple previously. Well, this review is not about Xiaomi but the Fengmi V10 projector. This brand has been designing and producing projectors for a few years. It has managed to make its name. But there have been some shortcomings that users were requesting to fix. The audio was among them. In this sense, this new projector comes with two 7.5W full-range speakers on both sides. Thus, it’s the first to carry a separate 15W bass speaker at the bottom.

Actually, last year, Fengmi was launching basically ultra-short-focus monochrome laser projectors. However, the inherently low color gamut of monochromatic lasers, serious color cast distortion, and poor adaptability of ultra-short focal lengths to the field of use resulted in poor sales.

That’s why the company has decided to abandon the monochromatic laser solution and chose three-color LEDs with more balanced brightness and color as the first 4K projection light source. In this regard, Fengmi V10’s 2500 ANSI lumens are obviously much more reasonable.

In addition to upgrading the 4K resolution, the Fengmi V10 also uses the most powerful MediaTek MT9669 processor and comes with a 4GB+64GB storage solution.

Unfortunately, the Fengmi V10 couldn’t avoid shortcomings. As a 4K projector, it has at least two flaws. First of all, it’s the resolution. Since the V10 does not sport an optical zoom lens, it will inevitably lose resolution and brightness color when performing image adaptation. Second, the V10 does not have a high-bit rate 4K movie source library, nor does it have a matching high-bit-rate 4K movie remote caching function. Thus, you have to find 4K content yourself to download.

Fengmi V10 appearance

As said above, the Fengmi V10 adopts the cylindrical 3D design of HomPod. But we are not talking about a speaker. Plus, the V10 waist is obviously thicker. In terms of materials, except for the back interface and the heat dissipation part, the fuselage is covered with a professional audio mask to reduce the fuselage resonance caused by the three sound units.

Other parts of the V10 are made of metal-like panels. However, it’s not metal. The is a power button, 3.5mm headphone jack, LAN port, two USB ports, two HDMI ports, and a power port.

The heat dissipation holes below are far away from the interface area.

The top of the V10 is made of a piece of environmentally friendly material with a wooden texture. Plus, we can see four independent touch-sensitive buttons. The four black holes are pickup microphones for far-field voice. As the Fengmi V10 supports voice remote control, they are essential for the projector.

Fengmi V10 selling points


The projection ratio of the Fengmi V10 is 1.27:1. When placed at a distance of 208 cm far from the wall, the screen size was only about 73 inches. If it is replaced with a projection ratio of 1.2:1, the size will be 78 inches.

When using the projector in a completely dark environment, the Fengmi V10 is capable of providing outstanding performance. But we can’t insist on the same for the situation when the curtains were open.

The color gamut of the three-color LED is naturally higher than that of the single-color laser, and the V10 does not deliberately sacrifice the color gamut.


If only looking at the front projection, the resolution of this product is no problem at all. But the problem is that, due to the difference in projection distance and viewing environment, most projection users need to use the picture adaptive functions of zooming, keystone correction, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and screen alignment.

Online 4K playback

The Fengmi V10 faced no problems when playing low-bit rate 4K movies online. But once it began playing high-bit rate 4K movies, it will be stuck.

Screen adaptation

What the V10 can boast of is rich functionality. All the functions that should be included in the screen adaptation are included. For instance, the company has added a sensor-less focus, which can quickly focus without the need for a focus map.

Unfortunately, this projector doesn’t cope well with the situation when it encounters a side-projection scene. The algorithm is more complicated here. It’s fine when the keystone is corrected on the side. However, during intelligent obstacle avoidance, the right end of the V10 screen is slightly skewed.


The Fengmi V10 provides quite acceptable audio performance. It is good in the high, middle, and low-frequency bands. They are generally balanced and have no obvious shortcomings. In terms of bass, the V10 does have to dive a little deeper, and the overall volume is louder. However, the V10’s vocals and instrumental sounds, especially the brass instruments in the test clips, are indeed pressed tightly.


The hardware features of this projector are quite powerful. The 4GB + MT9669 configuration should allow the Fengmi V10 to handle most of the tasks. In terms of image quality, Fengmi gave up the single-color laser and replaced it with three-color LEDs. Although the sound still has some flaws in the middle and high-frequency vocals, fortunately, the V10 has strengthened the low frequency alone, and the overall effect is quite satisfactory.

So when taking into consideration the features we mentioned above and the price it comes at, we can say this is a good option.

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  1. Slightly expensive, it would be better if it could be under $1000

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