Haylou GS LS09A review: Heart-rate monitoring & 12 sports modes

July 23, 2022


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  • Does not have GPS
  • Notification font too small

Haylou GS LS09A

In the past, we used to wear traditional watches with an analog dial that was useful to display hours and minutes. The invention of smartwatches lets us get accurate time and helps us maintain our health. Today, smartwatches are equipped with various functions to help you stay healthy. We can now choose a wide variety of smartwatches in different price ranges. Haylou is a specialist in wearable smartwatches and has launched a new Haylou GS LS09A smartwatch that comes in a beautiful, attractive design and offers a desirable set of unique features at affordable prices. This smartwatch is very lightweight, and the company has designed it, especially for sports.


This wearable smart device has a large display of 1.28 inches with touch control. This fitness tracker design comes in a circular shape which gives a stylish & sporty look on the wrist of both men and women. The body of this fitness tracker is made of zinc alloy to maintain its durability and longer life. The silicone strap makes it comfortable to wear on your wrist for long hours. The display of this wearable watch consists of an IPS touch curved screen with 2.5D glass. The resolution of 240 X 240 pixels helps to get you a fantastic viewing experience. With this fitness tracker, you can enjoy different looks every day with various watch faces.

Health monitoring

This fitness tracker is your perfect companion for maintaining a healthy heart. A heart rate sensor in this fitness tracker helps collect your heart rate data for over 24 hours. You can always check your increased heart rate and act immediately to avoid mishaps. When we go to sleep, our heart rate changes during different stages in the sleep cycle, and this data is tracked by this fitness tracker using a heart rate sensor to monitor your sleeping pattern closely. This fitness tracker also helps to maintain good sound sleep habits.

There are various sensors present in this fitness tracker that help track different stages of your sleep. This fitness tracker checks the sleep quality and informs you the number of times your sleep got interrupted. You will also be able to know the total number of hours you slept with the help of this fitness tracker. One of the essential features of the fitness tracker is breath training. You will be able to overcome everyday work stress with the breath training feature, which will help calm your mind with the help of a series of breathing exercises. This fitness tracker helps to keep track of your blood oxygen level. We are sometimes under excessive physical and mental stress, which results in low blood oxygen levels. This fitness device will always keep you updated on your blood oxygen level so that you can make adjustments to avoid mishaps.

Waterproof & battery

We are always worried about washing our faces or going into rain which could damage our watch. This fitness tracker has an IP68 rating which means your device offers protection against damage caused by dust and water. Now you can do your exercise without worrying about sweating and also enjoy the rain while wearing your fitness tracker. You can keep your fitness tracker device on your wrist while washing your hands or face, as the splash of water will not affect your device. You can now enjoy using this fitness tracker without worrying about battery draining.

The battery offered in this fitness tracker is mighty and capable of providing a longer standby time. Your single full charge will help your fitness tracker be fully functional for more than a week under daily usage mode. You can go on hiking or long trips without worrying about frequent charging. The battery capacity of this fitness tracker is 220mAh and offers magnetic charging for your convenience. The fitness device helps you to enjoy your trips as it provides 20 days of battery life.


Many of us walk to stay healthy and lose weight. We are never aware of calories burned, or distance traveled in particular walking sessions. This smart wearable watch will help you obtain the required data during the walk session. Now, you can use this fitness tracker to keep track of calories burned during your particular walk session or throughout the day. You can also obtain data about the distance covered during your walk session.

Haylou GS LS09A’s application

This fitness device has a stopwatch function that helps prepare for particular sports by knowing the accurate time to complete the specific task. The Alarm function will ensure you never get late to reach your crucial meeting, office, or trips. The weather notification feature in this fitness tracker keeps you up to date about the weather changes. You can suit yourself before going out by knowing the weather update on this fitness tracker. We all love to relax ourself with music. This fitness tracker not only keeps you fit but also helps to control the music.

The find phone feature is precious and comes in handy in difficult times when you lose your phone, and this function can help you keep track of your phone and recover it. You will always stay updated as this fitness tracker always notify you about message and call reminder. You will have your assistant on your wrist who is ready to inform you about incoming messages or idle alerts. This fitness tracker has Bluetooth V5.0, which helps connect your Bluetooth devices. The presence of Bluetooth V5.0 means your fitness tracker can communicate with all devices over Bluetooth, consuming lower energy which means your battery can survive for a longer time due to reduced power usage.

Health functions

This fitness tracker is one solution for all your health problems. You don’t need to spend much money buying different health devices for different functions, and this fitness tracker has all essential health functions starting from heart rate monitoring to working out. You can check a variety of fitness trackers available in the market, but you won’t find a fitness tracker with similar features at such affordable prices. Your choice of a perfect fitness tracker is easier after going through the above characteristics of this intelligent fitness device.


The new Haylou GS LS09A provides functions more than a watch. It is a good partner for your health support and workplace, with a wide range of tasks that go along smoothly with your smartphone. This smartwatch can be worn daily and give a stylish and sporty look with a silicone strap that provides comfort despite wearing it for long hours.

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