Xiaomi Civi 2 To Sport The Same Screen As Mi 12 Lite

July 11, 2022

The first-gen Xiaomi Civi is considered to be the most beautiful smartphone of the company and not only. It also shows off some attractive features that truly make this handset stand out. That’s why we and many Mi fans are eagerly waiting for the follow-up model. Today, a Chinese leaker disclosed some news concerning the Xiaomi Civi 2. The phone is codenamed L9S and will use a punch-hole screen design. Also, the display is manufactured by a Chinese company.

For average readers, the name of the manufacturer won’t tell anything, Huaxing. So we won’t emphasize it every time we talk about the display of the forthcoming Xiaomi Civi 2. But you should know that it is the same producer that supplied screens for the Xiaomi Mi 12 Lite. It supports a native 10bit display and 1920Hz PWM dimming. We guess we will see these features on the Civi 2.

Xiaomi Civi 2

As a reminder, the first-generation Civi debuted in the second half of last year. In the first half of this year, Xiaomi brought the Civi 1S, a small iteration of Civi. The latter integrates the excellent industrial design of Civi, and the processor was upgraded to the Snapdragon 778G Plus. The company also improved the battery life.

Well, looking at the pace at Xiaomi is launching new Civi phones, it’s logical to wait for the second-gen Xiaomi Civi 2 in the coming weeks. Undoubtedly, this will be the most beautiful model in Xiaomi’s history, and the industrial design is worth looking forward to.

Xiaomi Civi

Rumored Specs of Xiaomi Civi 2

In terms of parameters, it is rumored that the Xiaomi Civi 2 will feature the Snapdragon 7 platform. It uses Samsung’s 4nm process. The CPU has one A710 super core with the main frequency of 2.4GHz, 3 large A710 cores at 2.36GHz, and 4 A510 small cores at 1.8GHz. In terms of GPU, the graphics rendering speed of the Snapdragon 7 is 20% higher than that of the Snapdragon 778G.

We have heard that the Xiaomi Civi 2 will also support 67W fast charging and screen fingerprint recognition.

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