Chuwi LarkBook X 14 review: Excellent display, average performance

July 23, 2022


  • Cost-effective configuration
  • Stylish appearance
  • Can be used for play and work


  • The battery can only last 4 hours of work

Chuwi LarkBook X 14

Chuwi designs laptops, tablets, mini PCs, and a few other categories of products. However, currently, it’s widely known in the notebooks market due to its affordable products. Of course, it has nothing in common with top-end models. I guess there is no product that can make competition with the more or less powerful laptops. But this is not a shortcoming. Chuwi has never set a goal to enter this market. Instead, it has almost no equals in the low-end laptops field. Today, we will review the Chuwi LarkBook X 14.

The model we are going to review is the brightest example of how to make an entry-level laptop with a couple of truly amazing features and a low price tag.

Chuwi LarkBook X 14 display and design

Going forward, the screen of this laptop is the biggest highlight. The Chuwi LarkBook X 14 comes with an excellent display. It is 14 inches diagonally. It has a 2K resolution of 2240 by 1400 pixels, which also means that the aspect ratio is 16:10. The brightness is 371 nits, which is a very good indicator for a laptop from this price range.

Chuwi LarkBook X 14 display

Chuwi LarkBook X 14 display

Also, we are dealing with a touchscreen that supports 10-point touch. The responsiveness is quite good. Again, when praising this laptop and this screen, you should take it with a grain of salt. We mean this is a low-end laptop and everything we say, we say in comparison with other similar models.

A few things we want to drive your attention to include the narrow border around the screen and the new-structure hinge.

The lid of the Chuwi LarkBook X 14 is made out of alloy. The Chuwi logo is printed on the back. And unlike many other models from this brand, it’s not a sticker. So you can’t remove it.

The overall weight is around 1.4kg. So it’s too lightweight and you can take it with you anywhere you go, put it in your bag, and easy to single-hand operations.

Chuwi LarkBook X 14

It has a typical keyboard similar to other Chuwi laptops. Plus, the keyboard has a backlit. It has two stages of lighting. Note that full-sized arrow keys and the power button are not in the place where the delete button is. This is the shortcoming of many Chinese laptops. So it seems Chuwi has taken into consideration millions of complaints and fixed them. In fact, it is a nice keyboard to type on. The keycaps provide a good feeling when typing.

The touchpad is too large. We like it. Of course, it is not the best touchpad, but it does the job with no problem. It supports gestures. Of course, it has left and right mouse buttons.

Chuwi LarkBook X 14 keyboard

The thickness of this all-metal laptop is 14mm, which allows us to place it in the category of ultrabooks. Even on such a slim fuselage, the manufacturer has managed to place a few useful ports and interfaces, such as one USB 3.0 / 3.1 Gen1 port, a 3.5mm audio jack, a microSD card slot, and a USB Type-C port. By the way, the latter supports up to 40 watts of power output and video output of 4K at 60 fps.

Chuwi LarkBook X 14 thickness

One thing we didn’t like in the appearance of the Chuwi LarkBook X 14 is that it is made of a soft alloy, which is very easy to scratch. Anyway, it really looks attractive.

Hardware and Performance

In Chuwi laptops, Intel Core i series chips are a rare thing. But this is also the brand that could leverage Intel’s Celeron-like processors. This time, we have an Intel Celeron 5100 quad-core chip, which is manufactured with a 10-nanometer process node. In the Turbo mode, the processor does a good job, which differs a lot from what we have seen on the Celeron 4100. The clock speed reaches 2.8GHz. Unfortunately, the Chuwi LarkBook X 14 comes with 8GB DDR4 memory, which doesn’t boast fast speeds. In effect, the overall performance is not much satisfactory. Anyway, we should remember that this is a low-end laptop. Also, the notebook sports a 256GB SSD storage. For many users, this might be sufficient, but personally, for me, the storage couldn’t be less than 512GB. Nevertheless, it highly depends on the purpose you buy a laptop.

Intel Celeron N5100

There is a 720p webcam above the display. It is enough for regular video chats. We are not going to praise features that don’t deserve it. But we are not also going to ignore features that should be brought to the front. For instance, the Chuwi LarkBook X 14 boasts outstanding speakers.

Well, this laptop also supports WiFi5, Bluetooth 4.2, and a few other connectivity options we were talking about above. In this regard, the Chuwi LarkBook X 14 doesn’t have anything to show off.

Lastly, our protagonist comes with a 38Wh battery and runs Windows 10. Although when looking at the specs, we see that it meets Windows 11 requirements. But there is no confidence that after installing Windows 11, the performance will be improved a lot. As you understand, it’s a matter of hardware, not software. In terms of autonomy, the battery is capable of providing 6-8 hours of endurance, which is an average performance.


As we said at the beginning of the article, the Chuwi LarkBook X 14 sports only a few selling points. After tests, we understood that this laptop comes with an excellent display and a balanced performance. Thus, if you want a stylish-looking laptop for the basic tasks, with a strong possibility, you won’t find anything better. But keep in mind that this is not suitable for playing games, running heavy programs and stuff like that.

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