Xiaomi Notebook Pro Will Use New Intel Core P Processors

July 3, 2022

The Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2022 is on the way and will be out on July 4. Like the previous days, today, we got some worthy information concerning its key features.

Intel Core P

For instance, we learned that the notebook will sport Intel’s 12th generation Core P series processor. According to the official introduction, it will have a 76% increase in multi-core performance.

Intel Core P

In addition, the machine has passed the Intel Evo platform certification and will carry the Intel Evo logo. This means the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2022 will support Thunderbolt 4, Wi-Fi 6, fast wake-up, long battery life, and more.

Intel Evo

According to Intel’s instructions, the P-series processors can make better use of the Alder Lake 12th-generation architecture, and have better performance scalability in terms of core count and thermal design power consumption.

3D LUT Technology

Previously, we were informed that the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2022 will come with a self-developed pressure-sensitive touchpad, which increases the pressing area by 30%. The machine also uses self-developed 3D LUT color correction technology. Thus, this is going to be the first laptop to support the same 3D LUT color correction technology found on mobile phones.

According to the official introduction, in the field of mobile phones, Xiaomi has a very mature 3D LUT color calibration technology. Say, the color accuracy of Xiaomi Mi 12 has reached DeltaE≈0.4.

Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2022 display

Based on the 3D LUT color correction algorithm of mobile phones, combined with the characteristics of the notebook screen, Xiaomi has successfully implemented the algorithm transplantation. So the new laptop will use an upgraded color correction technology instead of the past 1D LUT color correction.

Intel Core P specs

Compared with the 1D LUT color correction technology commonly used in the notebook industry, 3D LUT adjusts a color from the color values ​​of the three dimensions of RGB, that is, any color change requires three RGB color values ​​to be adjusted at the same time.

Other Features Of Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2022

One of the biggest highlights of the forthcoming notebook will be the 4K resolution screen. This will be the first Xiaomi laptop with a 4K screen. Even the previous generation came only with a 3.5K resolution screen. Apart from this, the machine will use the CNC integrated carving process. Thanks to the technological breakthrough, the body thickness is 14.9mm.

The Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2022 will also feature Dolby Vision, which adjusts color and brightness frame by frame.

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