Redmi Curved Monitor 30” Review: Too Early To Enter Premium Gaming Displays Market

June 23, 2022

Redmi is a brand associated with cost-effective products. Simply put, when we see a Redmi product, the first thing that comes to our minds is the low price. Of course, in the same price range, its products provide the best performance. But traditionally, this brand has nothing in common with premium products. For Xiaomi, it took 10 years to enter the premium smartphone market. Redmi is a relatively young brand. So it’s logical the attitude toward this brand. But today, we are not going to talk about the Redmi smartphones. Instead, we have decided to test the Redmi Curved Monitor 30”.

Redmi Curved Monitor 30” Appearance And Box Content

Before we start, you have to know that in the box there are a bracket, a base, a DC power cable, a DP cable, a pack of wall studs, and instructions.

Redmi Curved Monitor 30” box content

The base and bracket are made of all-metal material. Also, the outer surface has a layer of matte black paint. The connection between the base and the bracket adopts tool-free hand-tightening screws. Although the stand of this monitor is well made, its function is extremely poor, and there is no adjustment except for the front and rear pitch.

The back of the main body of the monitor is pure black. In fact, it adopts a simple design like other Xiaomi-related products. But we are dealing with a gaming monitor. They usually have another approach.

The IO area of ​​the display is hidden by a magnetic cover. There are various interfaces, such as DC power port, HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0, DP1.2, and 3.5 audio port. Thus, the manufacturer put only the basic ports. Say, it lacks such important interfaces as a Type-C interface and a USB downstream interface.

Monitor Parameters

This is a standard VA curved display. It has a FullHD resolution and supports a 200Hz refresh rate. Once again, we are talking about a gaming monitor. So all features are treated in this concept. We mean, for regular monitors, these features might sound quite attractive, but not for gaming monitors.

The curvature of the 1800R is actually not enough. We mean the mainstream curvature is 1500R, and high-end models can achieve 1000R. In this regard, 1800R is the lowest grade. The higher the curvature, the higher the degree of bending, the closer to the natural curvature of the human eyeball, and the better the visual immersion that can be obtained.

Anyway, let’s talk about these features in turn.

Aspect Ratio

The Redmi Curved Monitor 30” is a 21:9 ultra-long fish screen. Thus, its display ratio is greatly elongated horizontally compared to the common 16:9 screens.

Although its resolution reaches 2560X1080, in fact, it is just a 1080P screen that has been stretched from left to right.

Viewing angle

It’s considered that the viewing angle is the main advantage of IPS and VA panels and the shortcoming of TN panels. But the truth is VA panels and IPS panels are not too strong. The strength of the VA panel is only relative to the pale picture quality of the TN panel.

Response time

The Redmi Curved Monitor 30” uses a VA panel. The biggest shortcoming of the VA panel is that it is limited by the physical structure. So the response time required for the deflection of the liquid crystal molecules in the panel is too long. The latter results in too slow response speed.

In the test, we can see that the real GTG response time of this panel must not run beyond 12ms.

Redmi Curved Monitor 30” Performance

Color gamut coverage

In standard mode, this monitor can achieve 100% SRGB + 85%Adobe RGB + 93% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage. This is truly good.

Tonal response

The measured gamma value came to 2.1, which is a little less than the standard value of 2.2.

Color temperature

The standard color temperature in standard mode is about 6500K. But the white point color temperature has been decreasing under different brightness values.

Brightness and Contrast

The measured maximum brightness is 306 nits, which is consistent with the nominal value and belongs to the normal category of displays at this price.

In terms of contrast ratio, the highest value came to 2850:1, which is close to the nominal 3000:1.

It is an indisputable fact that VA panels are better than IPS panels in terms of contrast ratio.

Brightness uniformity

In the 9-grid brightness test, the maximum brightness deviation is 16% at the bottom right of the screen. This is an average value. Considering the difficulty of making the backlight evenly on the ultra-long fish screen, this result is not satisfactory.

Color accuracy

After the 48-color verification of the system, the average color difference △E of this monitor came to 2.16, and the maximum deviation was 4.37.



  • The best workmanship at the same price.
  • The picture quality is good and the color gamut coverage is high.
  • Full DC dimming + TUV low blue light certification.


  • The smear of the VA panel is too serious, and it is completely unsuitable for high-frame-rate e-sports games.
  • There are flaws in the factory adjustment, and it is not suitable for any professional design tasks.

​This could be a good option for those who want to experience a fish screen monitor. Though the company is promoting it as a gaming monitor, it’s not. And though this monitor is not suitable for playing games, it’s ideal for watching movies. In addition to watching movies, it is also suitable for playing some stand-alone 3A masterpieces with exquisite picture quality, because its color performance is really good, as long as the game supports a 21:9 format, the experience will not be bad.

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