Xiaomi Showcased CyberDog “Iron Egg” Bionic Quadruped Robot Engineering Exploration Edition

July 4, 2022

Today, at a 3-hour conference, Xiaomi not only talked about its performance but also uncovered ten new top-end products.

Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Xiaomi MIX 4

8GB+128GB 4999 yuan, 8GB+256GB 5299 yuan, 12GB+256GB 5799 yuan, 12GB+512GB 9299 yuan

  1. Xiaomi Mi Pad 5

6GB+128GB 1999 yuan, 6GB+256GB 2299 yuan

  1. Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 Pro

6GB+128GB 2499 yuan, 6GB+256GB 2799 yuan 8GB+256GB/5G 3499 yuan

  1. Xiaomi tablet keyboard type double-sided protective shell

399 yuan

  1. Magnetic double-sided protective case for Xiaomi tablet

99 yuan

  1. Xiaomi Inspired Stylus

349 yuan

  1. Xiaomi Mi TV Master 77-inch OLED

The retail price is 19,999 yuan, and the initial price is 16,999 yuan

  1. Xiaomi Mi TV 6 OLED

The 65-inch variant’s retail price is 7,699 yuan, starting price is 6,999 yuan

The 55-inch’s retail price is 5699 yuan, starting price 4999 yuan

  1. Xiaomi Sound Smart Speaker

499 yuan

CyberDog “Iron Egg” Bionic Quadruped Robot Engineering Exploration Edition

9999 yuan

Similarly, as for availability, the phones, tablets, and accessories have already started pre-sale and will go on sale on August 16. For instance, the TVs will go on pre-sale on August 16 and start shipping on August 18. The speakers are already on pre-sale. After that, they will start shipping on August 20.

You can watch videos here.

Xiaomi CyberDog

After that, at the end of the Xiaomi MIX4 conference, Lei Jun showed off an exploration concept project within Xiaomi – Xiaomi’s first generation of bionic quadruped robot CyberDog.

Xiaomi CyberDog

The CyberDog bionic quadruped robot also has a very cute name called “Iron Egg”.

According to Lei Jun, the CyberDog bionic quadruped robot not only has a bionic motion gait but also has a bionic visual and auditory interactive experience. Therefore, It can follow instructions, recognize the owner, and even automatically follow the owner’s movement.

The robot is also equipped with a high-precision environmental perception system. For instance, 11 high-precision sensors throughout the body transmit information to the AI ​​brain in real time. Therefore, it can perceive environmental information such as images, light, distance, speed, and sound, and restore a more realistic biological response.

At the scene, Lei Jun also demonstrated the “Iron Egg” skills such as obedient and somersaults.

However, Xiaomi promised to open source the research and development results of the bionic quadruped robot to the world. In addition, the limited open engineering exploration version will cooperate with Mi Fans and geek enthusiasts with the ultimate exploration spirit to create more “super powers” through technological exploration. Above all, the CyberDog Engineering Discovery Edition is priced at 9,999 yuan.

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