Haylou RT2 LS10 Smartwatch review: Affordable retina watch

July 23, 2022


  • Customize watch faces
  • Heart rate & blood pressure monitor
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Multi-sport modes


  • Bluetooth version

Haylou RT2 LS10

We live in the modern world, which is rapidly making technological advancements. Earlier, wearing a watch meant we could track time accurately, but now smartwatches display time and deliver information related to your health. Haylou RT2 LS10 Smartwatch offers a muscular and stylish look with a circular shape that gains the attention of people around you.

The round metal frame provides a stronger build-up with a nice touch feeling. The silicon strap ensures comfort despite wearing this device all day long.

Display & Touch-Enabled

This smart wearable device offers a 1.32-inches TFT display with 360 X 360-pixel resolution and provides a bright and crystal clear picture. The 2.5D curved glass with a round metal frame gives an expensive look to this wearable device. This wearable device offers a better user experience due to the touch-enabled display. You will be satisfied with a faster response time as the slightest touch makes the screen responsive. You may flip from left to right, give you a home screen, display fitness stats summary, heart rate, blood oxygen, and many more functions. Also, you may access the settings option by flicking up from the home page. The main menu options come up with the down flick. You get a chance to view five default dial faces with the long press on the watch face.

This smart wearable device has an IP68 rating, offering protection from water and protecting your device from dirt, and dust. You get the freedom to wear this smart device even during rain or washing your hands without any fear of damage to the device.

Battery Life

The battery has a vital role in every device as it decides the duration of use based on battery capacity. The 330mAh power-packed battery offers a standby time of 20 days, enough for you to reach back to charging. You may enjoy listening to your favorite music for 12 hours, but you can enjoy 25 hours in basic mode. This smart wearable device plays the caretaker role by regularly monitoring your heart rate and ensuring a healthy heart.

Fitness functions

A heart rate sensor in this wearable device helps display a chart that shows changes in heart rate day and night. If you are a heart patient, you can always check your increased heart rate and act immediately by calling the doctor to avoid any unwanted accident. During our sleep, our heart rate changes during different stages in the rest, and this data tracking starts with this smart wearable device with the help of a heart rate sensor to monitor your sleeping pattern closely. This wearable device offers complete guidance to maintain good sound sleep habits.

There are various sensors present in this wearable device that help track different stages of your sleep. The sleep quality checks by this wearable device help to inform you the number of times your sleep got interrupted. This wearable device informs you about the number of hours you slept at night. One of the crucial features of this wearable device is breath training. We all know stress can harm our health and lead to many problems.

You will be able to overcome daily work or life stress with the breath training feature, which will help you to calm your mind by performing a series of breathing exercises. This wearable device records essential information about your blood oxygen level. Due to busy lifestyles and inflation, most of us are sometimes under excessive physical and mental stress, which results in low blood oxygen levels. This wearable device will always keep you updated on your blood oxygen level so that you can make adjustments to avoid mishaps.

Watch faces

This wearable device offers pre-installed watch faces. We usually get bored after months of wearing the same design every day. This wearable device brings a new look to every new day. The long press on the home screen allows you to switch between available watch faces. You also get an option to obtain 80 online watch faces through the Hoylou fun app by downloading. This wearable device offers customization capabilities, allowing you to put your picture as a background watch face or wallpaper. You can now gain the attention of your friends and family members with your daily new watch face. The wide range of watch faces option allows you to match the color of your clothes with the watch face.


Most of us are aware that daily walking offers healthier life. Usually, people start walking daily, but they don’t know if they have traveled enough distance to burn sufficient calories. They fail to obtain constant walking distance exercise due to a lack of data. This smart wearable device offers help by delivering data on the distance traveled during a particular session. This device also offers to help you with information about total calories burned, allowing you to walk the required distance to achieve fitness constantly. The exercise time feature ensures you are not spending overtime on any particular exercise that might result in muscle pull.


Pairing your wearable device with the smartphone

  • Turn on the Bluetooth of both smartphone and wearable devices.
  • Open App settings, then click on Add device to connect the wearable device with the smartphone
  • iPhone users must agree with all message notifications, and Android users must agree on all notice permissions.

After completing all the steps, your Haylou RT2 LS10 will communicate directly with the smartphone.

Other features of Haylou RT2 LS10

This wearable device offers various smart features which are functional through the smartphone via a Bluetooth 5.0 connection. You can always plan your day accordingly with the help of an updated weather display feature. The excellent quality of music control helps you perform a play, pause, and next song functions without requiring you to hold your phone in your hands. This feature comes in handy during your exercise session or sich health restricting movement. You can stay worried-free about your smartphone getting lost, and the find phone feature helps locate your smartphone with a tap on this feature. The message reminder feature won’t let you miss any critical message as you get the slight buzz on the wrist to remind you to check newly arrived messages. The Call reminder feature will always keep you updated about call-related information.


This wearable device comes with all essential health functions crucial for living a longer and healthier life. The set of desired smart features, health tracking sensors, and 12 workout modes, comes at an unbeatable price compared t other competitive products.

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