NexTool 12-in-1 Music Flashlight review: From a simple product into a versetile product

July 23, 2022


  • Practical design
  • Multiple function support


  • Slightly bigger

NexTool 12-in-1 Music Flashlight

Those who have an active lifestyle will confirm my words that a flashlight is one of the most commonly used items. However, most of the flashlights on the market have only one function – lighting. Agree that any product that is capable of doing only one thing has fewer chances to survive than those that combine a few into one. But what other functions a flashlight can have? The NexTool 12-in-1 Thunder Music Flashlight, as the name implies, can serve as a flashlight and 11 other products as well. Let’s get into details.

NexTool 12-in-1 Thunder Music Flashlight

NexTool 12-in-1 Thunder Music Flashlight features

The NexTool 12-in-1 Thunder Music Flashlight adopts a gray-black style. It comes with a cylindrical shape, while the two ends of the fuselage are retractable.

The barrel body is made of high-strength aviation aluminum material. Also, the surface is oxidized. It has a rounded arc feel and a metallic texture. As we are dealing with a product that will be used in extreme situations, it’s logical to have good wear resistance and anti-fall characteristics.

NexTool 12-in-1 Thunder Music Flashlight

We should also mention that there is a long strip raised on the arc body to be fixed on a common bracket. Plus, the manufacturer used a patented magnetic suction design in this area. It can be easily adsorbed on metal materials. In all those situations when it is inconvenient to hold the flashlight with two hands, they can be very practical and useful.

On one of the top sides, we can find function buttons. Through them, you can adjust the lighting effects, brightness, or volume. They do not occupy too much space and are, easy and convenient to operate with one hand. Open the cap and you will find a Type-C and a USB interface is hidden inside. They are for charging the flashlight and third-party devices respectively.

In terms of dimensions, the NexTool 12-in-1 Thunder Music Flashlight is only 173*43*36mm, and its net weight is 246g. Compared with most bulky flashlights, the NexTool 12-in-1 Thunder Music Flashlight is compact and lightweight. Thus, it does not take up too much space.

High-brightness quad-color lighting

Of course, its main function is lighting. In this regard, the NexTool 12-in-1 Thunder Music Flashlight integrates white, red, green, and blue main lights.

Once your turn on the power button and turn on the main light, you can see that the lighting does have four different color lighting effects: white, red, green, and blue. White lighting is the best; red light night vision is more comfortable; blue light is very suitable for fishing at night; green light can observe animals at night. Thus, our protagonist offers four light sources for various use scenarios.

Plus, the flashlight has a zoom function. With a simple push and pull, the light achieves condensing and astigmatism effects.

Apart from the aforementioned lighting effect, the NexTool 12-in-1 Thunder Music Flashlight has a good brightness, the peak of which is 900 lumens. The long-range distance is up to 240 meters. It has high brightness and strong penetrating ability, and can effectively penetrate water mist and dust. Therefore, it can achieve a good lighting effect in a relatively complex outdoor environment at night.

Interestingly, this flashlight has four light effect modes – white light, red light, or colorful gradient.

Music light show

The NexTool 12-in-1 Thunder Music Flashlight can sense the change in external sound. But for this, you have to turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, pair it with the flashlight, and then adjust the music rhythm mode. Afterward, it will change the flashing lights according to the rhythm of the music.

Ambient light

Due to its design and functions, the NexTool 12-in-1 Thunder Music Flashlight can serve as a bedside lamp or a multi-functional atmosphere light. So you can turn it on when watching movies, having a romantic dinner, etc.

Moreover, place it in the study room, and it immediately becomes a work light.

Camp lantern

When you go camping outdoors, you can use this flashlight as a camp lantern due to its different lighting modes.

Warning light

You might encounter unexpected situations when going out. For instance, the vehicle breaks down at night and needs to be stopped for maintenance and inspection. In such cases, you can turn on the red-light flashing mode of the NexTool 12-in-1 Thunder Music Flashlight, and it will turn into a warning Signal light to remind passing vehicles to avoid them carefully.

Wireless speaker

NexTool 12-in-1 Thunder Music Flashlight

Surprisingly, our protagonist comes with a wireless speaker function.

Turn on its wireless Bluetooth audio function, independent speakers, and music rhythm lighting effects, and it will serve as a wireless speaker. The sound is not too loud, but it will be enough if placed closer. After a single full charge, you can listen to music for about 100 hours.

Emergency power bank

Finally, the NexTool 12-in-1 Thunder Music Flashlight is an emergency power bank. The USB-A power output parameters at the end of the fuselage are 5V 1A. Plus, the capacity is 1400mAh. After connecting the mobile phone, the latter will immediately enter the charging state. This large-capacity emergency power bank can fully charge the mobile phone. And its Type-C charging specification parameter is 5V 1A, which can be fully charged in about 3.5 hours.


We haven’t listed all functions but only the most commonly used ones. But in fact, the NexTool 12-in-1 Thunder Music Flashlight comes with many surprises. It not only has four-tone main lights, but also four modes of side light effects. Plus, it can be used as a wireless speaker or a power bank.

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