Xiaomi Baseus Car Wash Spray Nozzle review: Portable electric gun

July 23, 2022


  • Extremely portable
  • Stable water pressure
  • Has a variety of uses


  • Requires some assembly ability

Xiaomi Baseus Car Wash Spray Nozzle

The washing of all kinds of cars is performed quickly with Xiaomi Youpin Baseus CRDDSQ-01 Car Wash Spray Nozzle. Everyone wants to ensure his car is always clean and shining. You can now enjoy washing your car quickly with this Car wash nozzle. You won’t be able to find a set of unique features of this washing nozzle in other competitive products at comparable prices. People usually spend a lot of money cleaning their car thoroughly from the service station, but this washing nozzle offers thorough car cleaning with powerful water pressure at home.

This washing nozzle comes with a powerful battery and high-pressure water jet. This washer nozzle is many spray patterns to fulfil everyone’s requirement for washing the car. The handle comes in an upgraded design for a comfortable grip. You will be able to clean your vehicle with a power boost thoroughly. The IPX4 rating ensures the best protection against water damage and keeps the battery safe from short circuit damage.


This washing nozzle has a beautiful battery power design, which helps to perform washing of cars anytime, anywhere quickly. Due to this washing nozzle’s battery power design, you can wash your cars even if you don’t have a power source available at that place. Now you can perform cleaning of a vehicle even when you are outdoors without a power source requirement, making this washing nozzle user-friendly. The gun’s body comes in metal material for more durability and reliability. The metal gun ensures it doesn’t get any damage despite accidental falls. The 3.5 water pipe ensures you can reach each end of the car for effective cleaning. The water offers the advantage of using water in a bucket or natural water source. If you are near the river, you can still enjoy cleaning your car as a water pipe is advantageous.


This washing nozzle has removal batteries which offer ease of charging. TV removal batteries of this washing nozzle can be removed easily by anyone at the bottom. Repeat them to the left whenever you want to remove the battery from this washing nozzle. These batteries have a type c port available for charging at the front, so you don’t need to set them with the washer. This washing Nozzle has a powerful battery of 18650 mAh capacity, which of a total of 30 minutes of longer battery life. The large battery available with this washing nose means you can thoroughly clean a car without the need for frequent charging—the batteries of this washing nozzle, which are removable, offer high rate charging and discharging of large current.

You can now go outdoors or plan a trip without worrying about your car getting dirty, and this portable washing device won’t require a power source so that you can wash your car even on the high rise. The actual battery time percentage gets displayed at the end of the wash gun so that you always stay updated about the battery left. The battery can be fully charged in 4-5 hours so that you are up and running to clean your car in less time. The USB Type-C port ensures you can enjoy convenient charging without hassle.

Motor & Water Jet

The powerful motor available in this washing nozzle ensures washing with increased water pressure. The core power component as a high-power motor helps adopt half crankshaft connecting rods which further drive the piston pump with higher pressure for maximum water pressure. We usually fail to clean dust accumulated in the car with a standard washing nozzle, but this washing nozzle ensures every single part of your car gets thoroughly cleaned. The water flow creates a smooth inner wall to provide a constantly high water pressure stream. The continuous water pressure generated by this washing nozzle ensures hard dust gets removed easily. Water Jet plays an essential role in every washing nozzle. This washing nozzle has a high-pressure water jet with a water-absorbing design. Water is absorbed instantly due to water absorbing design with robust water pressure accumulation. The portable water-absorbing design is a valuable feature of this washing device.

Spray Patterns & Handle Design

This washing nozzle offers five nozzle patterns for various washing requirements. The water spray patterns adjust easily by rotating a 5-in-1 nozzle. The water flow doesn’t get out of control despite charging ways during use. The spray tube doesn’t need replacement even while changing patterns. We usually get tired of holding the handle of the washer for a longer time. This washing device comes with a comfortable handle design that comes into use for cleaning cars for a longer time. The angle of 1150 offers a better match in your hands so that you can spend enough time thoroughly cleaning your vehicle. The handle is very lightweight, making it easy to hold.

This handle weighs only 1.3kg, which is helpful for extended use. The shower spray pattern comes into use so that you can water plants. A low-pressure water spray pattern comes into use when you require a large water flow. You may perform house cleaning with this pattern within less time. The 25 Degree fan-shaped spray pattern is used when you want to perform a fast, clean daily. This pattern can help clean the car daily to ensure stubborn stains never arise. A high-pressure direct spray pattern comes into use when you need high pressure to remove stubborn stains on your car tires and body. The 40-degree fan-shaped spray pattern goes into service for cleaning large areas and also helps save time. You can get your car washed in 15 minutes.

Xiaomi Baseus Car Wash Spray Nozzle Conclusion

This washing nozzle ensures quick cleaning of your car. The different spray patterns fulfil all your cleaning needs effectively. The handle design ensures you can grip comfortably and grip for longer hours without any stress on your hands. The Powerful motor gives you a power boost for high-pressure water, which can remove stubborn stains. You won’t be able to find this product’s desired features in other competitive products at a similar price. The large battery capacity ensures a long run for effective cleaning.

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