Xiaomi NexTool Music Flashlight review: Blackout survival kit

July 23, 2022


  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • High brightness
  • Long battery life


  • Slightly larger in size

Xiaomi NexTool Music Flashlight

The Chinese tech giant and pioneer Xiaomi always commits to serving its customer base with comprehensively unique products across multiple assortments. It continues to reveal technology and consumer products under the brand of business partners. Today, we have another creative and innovative development under consideration – Xiaomi NexTool Music Flashlight. Readers will go through a detailed review of the product to capture meaningful insights before placing an order online.

Like many other inventions, Xiaomi’s latest NexTool flashlight is also advantageous in multiple ways. However, a flashlight is always a productive and must-have tool for every household. It is your true companion, especially when you are traveling in the dark or during a power cut at home. Apart from that, a flashlight shows its potential and competency on many other occasions in day-to-day life.

Presently, markets are flooded with an enormous range of flashlights falling under different price brackets. Also, you can choose your preferred size and weight while buying a suitable one for your specific needs. There are numerous brands prevalent in the market claiming to be the superior choice for flashlights. Among others, China-based Xiaomi has its own prominence in the market, regardless of the product segment. In the ambiance of flashlights, Xiaomi moves further confidently with innovative establishments to name to support clients with multifunctional products.

NexTool Music Flashlight: Bringing Innovation and Technology Together!

Indubitably, the makers of this innovative flashlight really deserve appreciation and a pat on the back. The flashlight is impressively unique and innovative in several ways. Generally, what can we expect in a normal flashlight? A good amount of light – to the maximum extent! But the flashlight by Xiaomi Youpin delivers something more! It brings extra in the same compact body. Indeed, it is hard to believe what’s inside the body to impart greater value to buyers.

  • The Xiaomi NexTool Flashlight would serve you as a primary source of light in the tent.
  • One of the most fascinating features is that it also includes a mini speaker in the same body.
  • Users can connect their smartphones wirelessly with this inbuilt speaker to enjoy favorite tracks while locating things in the dark.
  • Further, the intensity of the light changes as per the rhythm of the music playing.
  • Inside, the flashlight integrates an inbuilt 2600mAh battery to power the mechanism.
  • It is a rechargeable battery using a USB Type-C connector.
  • The battery takes around 3.5 hours to collect the juice to its full strength.
  • Also, you can use this stored energy as a power source for your phone in an emergency.
  • The security feature of this flashlight makes it stand alone in the competition. In an emergency, you can hold down the button to make the flashlight flash to the beat to ask for help.
  • Moreover, the Xiaomi NexTool Flashlight is water-resistance. It accepts no impact of water and helps you reach your destination on a rainy night as well.

Correspondingly, the Xiaomi NexTool Flashlight would treat you like a jack of all trades. It is explicitly an incredible tool to manage things in the dark besides listening to music.

NexTool Music Flashlight: Exploring Various Features & Specifications

In this phase of the blog, we would like to stress various features and characteristics of this unique flashlight by Xiaomi Youpin. You can scan every section vigilantly to acquire deeper insights into diverse dimensions. Let’s dive right in!

Design and Build

Considering the physical construction first, the Xiaomi Youpin Thunder Music Flashlight is manufactured professionally to keep the physique compact and lightweight. At the prima facia, you can find a flashlight with an exquisite and glossy finish. The front of the unit reflects a light bulb, whereas the top side holds a magnetic suction bracket on the protruded portion. The main body features the brand logo as well as a white-glass area to manifest a colorful mechanism. In terms of measurements, the music flashlight measures 173mm(L) x 36mm (W) x 43mm (H) and weighs around 246g.


Further, the flashlight provides users with 4-color high light lamps to create different moods. You enjoy the lighting of 4 different colors – Blue, White, Red, and Green. You can switch between colorful lights using a dedicated button on the tail. Collectively, the flashlight offers more happiness for outdoor activities.


The Xiaomi Youpin NexTool Thunder Music Flashlight bestows people with 900 LM high light brightness and 245m farthest beam distance to guide them in the dark like a pro. One can adjust the light luminance by the ‘+’ and ‘-’ button given on the tail. It makes camping or night fishing a marvelous experience.


It is for certain one of the most astonishing features of the flashlight. It equips an entry-level mini speaker inside the pack to create a musical environment on the go. One can connect the speaker with the smartphone wirelessly to play favorite tracks.

Adjustable Side Lamp

With Xiaomi NexTool Flashlight, you can adjust the powerful side lamp up to 360°. Hence, it provides the freedom to choose the better lighting angle alongside the white light and red-light safety warning.

Security Features

Also, the multifunctional flashlight can help you withstand emergencies confidently. In a dangerous situation, you can long-press (3.5 seconds) the button to trigger the flashlight beep flash mode. It will start generating warning calls in collaboration with the red light.


With IPX4 certification, the flashlight would be your true ally in the rainy season as well. It will not leave you alone if you are marching to your destination on a rainy night.


On top of all, the Xiaomi Youpin NexTool 12-in-1 Thunder Music Flashlight houses a USB port for a reason. Apart from charging the battery inside, you can also use the flashlight as a power bank to charge your smartphone in an emergency. Therefore, there would be no worry if your phone runs short of power. Overall, it is a perfect partner for you when you are traveling late at night.

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