Mijia Sleep Wake-up Light Will Help You Sleep And Get Up Naturally

July 4, 2022

Today, Xiaomi started a new crowdfunding project for the Mijia sleep wake-up light. By dynamically restoring the light changes of sunset and sunrise, it simulates the natural sleeping environment. Thus, this product helps users to quickly relax and go to sleep as soon as possible. Unlike the previous bed lamps, we are dealing with the first high-end sleep companion product launched by Mijia. It focuses on users’ sleep health problems. The crowdfunding price is 549 yuan ($82).

Mijia sleep wake-up light

To helps users better fall asleep, there are 15 kinds of white noise, used with 6 kinds of dynamic scenes, sound, and light dual effects. At the same time, as a smart lighting product, it supports the Mijia app and of course, can be linked with Mijia smart devices.

How Does Mijia Sleep Wake-up Light Work?

Agree that most of us have sleep problems. We like to play with mobile phones before going to bed. This causes insomnia. Studies have shown that blue-green light emitted by electronic product screens can inhibit the secretion of melatonin relative to red-orange light. The Mijia sleep wake-up light has a dynamic simulation of sunset light changes that effectively reduces the inhibition of melatonin.

If not sleeping in time, we are unable to get up in the morning. After waking up, we feel exhausted. The Mijia sleep wake-up light also has a well-designed wake-up solution. In the wake-up mode, the product will start to light up 30 minutes in advance to dynamically simulate the light of the sunrise and wake up the body in advance. Of course, you can make any adjustments to the lighting time.

Studies have shown that during sleep, the human body receives sunlight exposure, which can effectively reduce the secretion of melatonin and wake up the body in advance. The Mijia sleep wake-up light wakes up the body in advance by simulating sunrise light, allowing users to transition from deep sleep to light sleep, and then wake up through the alarm clock.

The Mijia wake-up light also has a variety of built-in dynamic scenes, including empty mountains and new rain, warm bonfires, etc. Choose your favorite motions and sounds to help you relax and soothe. After connecting the it to the Mijia app, you can use the Xiaoai speaker for voice control.

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