Best Smart Table Lamps and How to Choose One: The Complete Guide

June 14, 2022

Burning the late-night oil or sneaking in with your favorite night read, study lamps have been around for a long time. Inspired by the era and time, their designs have evolved to suit the changing landscape. From simple vintage designs to the recent minimal yet high-tech ones, smart table lamps are the ultimate blend of form and function.

Lamp bulbs that are bright, with a cool white light to natural daylight are easy on the eyes and best suited for reading and studying. A lamp with a long neck will disperse light across a bigger area while a spotlight bulb is better when you need focused light in one specific area. Design, size, type of light, brightness, anti-glare protection, and energy consumption are the top factors to consider while buying a study lamp. So, here we have singled out the best and affordable smart table lamps for your home.

What should you consider when looking at smart table lamps?

Smart lamps can become a staple product in your home. Many people are first exposed to smart products through smart lighting, and smart lamps are a direct extension of that. These lamps often feature equally as many (if not more) features than a standard smart bulb because they are designed from the ground up to serve a specific purpose.

When shopping for a smart lamp, first consider its use. Where do you want to place this lamp? Is it for reading, lighting up a room, or ambiance?

Consider whether the lamp needs to be plugged in at all times or if it can be placed after being charged. Lamps that don’t require a power connection provide more flexibility in placement throughout the room and are often best for ambiance instead of utilitarian lighting.

What features are included in the lamp? Some lamps can pulse the lights in time with music, while others can only cycle through colors on command. You should also consider how smart its smart features are. Does it work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, or can it only be controlled via the app?

What is your budget? Smart lamps range in price from $30 all the way up to $200 or more. Lamps that provide ambiance often cost more, but lamps that can light up a room or that aren’t from as well-known a brand can be found for lower prices.

Below are several smart table lamps that we will recommend to you.

Possini Euro Magnum French Bronze LED Desk Lamp

Get this lamp if you want a slim, solidly built, modern LED desk lamp that looks like a piece of art. The Possini Euro Magnum French Bronze LED Desk Lamp is one of the sturdiest lamps and also the most attractive. Its clean, elegant lines and standout bronze metal finish give this sleek lamp a minimalistic, architectural feel.

The lamp has serious heft, and the arm adjusts to different heights and angles without feeling flimsy or liable to topple over. Yet its base is slim, so it won’t hog space on your desk.

Another reason to buy this lamp is its simplicity. There’s just one small button on the base that you use to turn the lamp on and to switch between the three brightness levels (from normal to high to very high).

Flaws but not dealbreakers: You can’t rotate this lamp’s head, as you can with other lamps such as the IKEA Forså. But you can adjust its angle and height, thanks to a pivotal hinge in the body, so you can focus the light exactly where you need it.

This is a simple lamp: You won’t find extras like phone charging or multiple color-temperature options. It has a warm color temperature, so if you want a lamp with a more neutral or cooler temperature for bright task lighting, you might prefer one of the other lamps we recommend. 

LumiCharge LED Smart Desk Lamp

The best overall lamp is the LumiCharge LED Smart Adjustable Desk Lamp. It checks all of our boxes and has plenty of extra features as well. The sleek and stylish desk lamp has three LED light color options: white, soft white, and soft yellow, and 10 adjustable brightness levels. The light also swivels and tilts, so you can always find the right position. And you can set the motion sensor so the light will automatically turn on when you approach it.

It also has a universal phone dock to hold your smartphone, and a Qi 10W fast wireless charger, in addition to a USB port, so you can charge three devices at the same time. Along with those options comes a flip-up front that hides a rotating selection of USB-C, Lighting, and micro-USB connectors for direct charging. The lamp looks good, and its sensitive touch panel brings light to any situation, however, the overabundance of extraneous features adds clutter rather than taking it away.

The desk lamp also has a digital clock and calendar (day, date, month) and temperature display—and the entire backlight display is dimmable. What’s more, it delivers all of this at a reasonable price. The desk lamp is available in silver or black. 

Dyson Lightcycle Desk Lamp

Lighting for videoconferences and video streaming can be tricky. Depending on your webcam and environment, your image may be too light or too dark, or the details may be washed out. However, mainly for videoconferences and video streaming, we have highlighted the Dyson Lightcycle table lamp. The Dyson Lightcycle Morph Desk Lamp can help you create the perfect lighting regardless of the room’s lighting situation. Using the Dyson Lightcycle Morph app on your phone, the lamp uses a GPS-based algorithm to track your local daylight and adjust both the color and brightness every 60 seconds.

Dyson Lightcycle Desk Lamp

Some of the various lighting options include task light, indirect light, feature light, and ambient light. The light can swivel and rotate 360 degrees, and magnetic touch-glide docking moves the light source to the stem. In addition, the sensor can be set to turn on when you approach the lamp. It’s available in black, black/gold, and white/gray.

How to use

Hit a button on the top and it turns on. Slide your finger across the top and the light’s brightness and color temperature change.

The light is constructed with insane attention to detail. It’s perfectly balanced. As the light slides up and down its main pole, a counterweight ensures an effortless motion. Likewise, the light arm slides back and forth on three large wheels. All the while, it is seemingly wireless with all the connections and wires are hidden throughout the mechanisms.

It is also worth noting that the Dyson Task light is beautiful. It’s impossible to look at the light and not be impressed by the construction. The light works great and thanks to adjustable color temperatures, works in every situation. There are two touch-sensitive bars on top of the unit. Just slide a fingertip across the bars to make the light brighter or change the color temp. Dyson took the light temperatures option to the next level. 

Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S

As it could not be otherwise, Xiaomi wants you to feel totally comfortable at home. That’s why for some time now, the famous Asian brand has been sneaking into the home furnishing market. On this occasion, Xiaomi comes to enlighten us with its Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S – Smart Lamp.

Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S

Thus, the new Xiaomi desk lamp stands out for many reasons, but especially for its excellent design and different lighting modes that will allow you to get the precise light for each type of activity. However, if you don’t like the brightness and color temperature, download the Mi Smart Home app on your phone and synchronize it with your device. You can also use it with your voice thanks to its connection with Siri. This way, you will be able to adjust the profiles of each mode to suit your visibility needs, as well as control your Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp remotely.

Four Different Lighting Modes

  • Focus Mode: Users can set a “focus” time and a “rest” time. The lamp will remind users to take a short “breath” for a specified time to enhance work efficiency and reduce visual fatigue.
  • Read Mode: This mode offers users a more neutral color temperature, which helps keep readers’ attention for a long period of time without getting tired.
  • Computer Mode: The blue light from computers often damages your eyes. PC Mode is thus designed to provide a very soft light, reducing the amount of blue light to protect your eyes.
  • Child Mode: This mode meets the safety standard necessary for children’s eyes to remain healthy.

The operation of this lamp is very simple. If you press the central button that incorporates you will turn on or off the lamp. But that button has more use: if you turn it, you will adjust the brightness, if you press and turn it, you will adjust the color temperature, and if you double click you will activate the focus mode. 


In terms of design, this new version maintains the simple and sophisticated look of the previous generation of Xiaomi desk lamps, as you’ll see in the image below. The lamp body is made of white metal. Unlike conventional table lamps, the arm of the My LED Desk Lamp 1S can be folded, reducing the space occupied. The maximum opening and closing angle of this fixture are 135 degrees. The light from the Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S reaches 520 lumens in terms of luminous flux, twice as much as the previous generation of lamps. The central illumination value reaches 1,250 lux, 66% more than its predecessor and thus meeting the lighting standards for reading and writing.

We’re looking at a long-lasting lamp. So much so that the company claims to have performed a performance test more than 10,000 times. The results have yielded a whopping 25,000 hours of service life. The bulb is attached directly to the lamp arm, which also has a heat sink.

It uses a Fresnel optical lens, made of glass, which allows light to be reflected in multiple refractions and released. But what does this mean? This ensures a more uniform and natural light. In order to meet lighting needs in different environments, it has four modes that help protect the eyes at all times: a reading mode that improves attention, a computer model that reduces the injection of blue light, a children mode with soft light, and a focus mode to improve work efficiency.

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Benefits of Buying Smart Table Lamps

Smart Control: One common noted feature in all the smart desk lamps is that they have smart controls. This makes controlling the lamps easier. Other additional smart features include a USB port, which allows you to recharge your lamp from other devices, such as a laptop. You can also use the port to recharge your phone.

With a smart lamp, you can control it in various ways such as voice and smartphone wherever you are. Moreover, if you are going to regular your schedule, buying such a lamp is the best of the best option. Why? You can set a specific time to light up and turn off the smart control desk lamps via phones. A good feature, right?

Durable: The major advantage of having smart table lamps is that they have a long life span and are able to withstand wear and tear. Averagely, a single led desk lamp offers approximately 35,000 hours of light. Therefore, if you use it for at least 8 hours a day, then it can serve you for the next decade.

Emit Natural Light: Most smart desk lamps emit natural light. This is made possible by the color-rendering index (CRI) feature, which has the ability to measure the source of light to produce natural light. When buying smart desk lamps for your office or home office, always look for one that has CRI ratings between 80 and 100.

– Color Temperature: Did you know that there is a difference between cool and warm lighting? This is determined by the color temperatures. For good lighting, it is advisable to choose color temperatures between 2,700K and 4,500K.

Adjustable: Smart table lamps come with extra features that make them adjustable. These features include goosenecks, swing arms, and boom arms. With such features, you can place the lamp at your desired position or angle.

– Dimming Light: With a smart desk lamp, you are able to control the amount of light emitted. As such, you can minimize/avoid damaging your eyes. Too much bright light has negative effects on your eyesight. Always choose a lamp with several brightness levels.

Safe to Use: The base of most smart desk lamps weighs more than its stand. This prevents it from tipping over when placed on a table. Additionally, choose the LED bulbs because they are cool to touch, meaning they are safe to use if you have children.

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