Huami Technology Announced Blood Pressure Monitoring Engine – PumpBeats

July 3, 2022

In addition to the new generation of self-developed chip Huangshan 2S and the new wearable operating system Zepp OS, Huami Technology also released a new PumpBeats blood pressure monitoring engine at the Next Beat conference today.

A Huawei executive shared a set of data at the press conference. There are as many as 245 million adults with hypertension in China. They have high blood pressure. Hypertension has become a major invisible killer of health, and daily monitoring of blood pressure has become a rigid need in life.

To this end, Huami Technology spent 5 years bringing the PumpBeats blood pressure monitoring engine to achieve 30-second one-key measurement, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, data collection, fusion, and AI model establishment around high-precision optical sensors, overcoming technical difficulties.

“In the past, we used a professional blood pressure measuring instrument to measure blood pressure. With the PumpBeats blood pressure monitoring engine, users can measure blood pressure anytime and anywhere through smartwatches.”

Huami Technology

Pekin University First Hospital has verified the accuracy of PumpBeats blood pressure monitoring engine. Clinical experiments show that the average absolute deviation of the engine’s systolic blood pressure is lower than 5.14mmHG. Plus, the diastolic blood pressure is lower than 4.88mmHG. So the engine is reliable and the blood pressure measurement takes only 30s.

Huawei Technologies stated that it will continue to promote 24-hour continuous blood pressure monitoring. The blood pressure engine will be available in Q4 this year.

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