Xiaomi Redmi Xiaoai AI Speaker Play

Deal Score+120
$19.59 $27.99 Buy It Now
Deal Score+120
$19.59 $27.99 Buy It Now

30% Off Xiaomi Redmi XiaoAI Play Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers Smart AI Voice Control Mini Bluetooth Speaker Music Radio For Phone AliExpress Flash Deals Promo

AliExpress Flash Deals Price: $19.59

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The voice assistant currently supports Chinese only


Microphone supports “XiaoAI Classmates” far-field voice wake-up
Speaker 1.75 inch full range speaker

Wireless connections
WiFi2.4GHz, support IEEE 802.11 b / g / n protocol
Bluetooth 4.2, support A2DP music playback

support system
Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0 and above

Power supply
DC 12V / 1A

New Self-developed Voiceprint Recognition

Recognize who you are by voice, and provide everyone in the family with content that they like

The First XiaoAi Speaker Supporting XiaoAi Male Voice

You can choose boy’s or girl’s voice

As long as you say a word, XiaoAi can turn on the TV to broadcast your favorite programs,

And let the robot clean the room. XiaoAi has linked all kinds of new and interesting smart products to help you build a smart and warm home.

Xiaomi IOT Platform Has Been Connected To More Than 196 Million Smart Devices*

Advanced Bluetooth Mesh Gateway, A Good Partner Of Smart Door Lock And Light Bulb

High Quality Children Resources, Good Partners For Children

Meet the growth needs of children of all ages. Singing children’s songs, telling stories, teaching children to read ancient poems,

Answer encyclopedia knowledge, as well as many kinds of puzzle games, such as the idiom Jielong, guess animal voice, etc,

Help children master rich knowledge in happy time.

Intimate Housekeeper Accompanying The Elderly

Crosstalk, opera, news, radio, storytelling and so on,

One sentence can be on demand without input.

In a word, set an alarm to remind you of important things.

Music Alarm Clock, Activate All Day

You can set songs, singers, types and collection lists at will,

Wake up in the morning in the melodious music, not different every day.

Your Life Assistant, An Encyclopedia That Can Listen And Speak

Ask weather, road conditions, date, arithmetic Even help you find your cell phone. She is a versatile person in life.

High quality microphone, combined with advanced AI technology, can effectively reduce various environmental noise interference; AI deep learning

It’s An Artificial Smart Speaker But Also A Bluetooth Speaker

In addition to voice song ordering, you can also use the speaker app to play music, and you can also play music on your mobile phone and pad through Bluetooth.

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