Xiaomi Youpin Pangao PG-2015F3 Smart Knee Massager

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Product is rated as #3 in category Health & Beauty
  • Features the air pressure kneading, vibration massage, constant temperature hot moxibustion, red light irradiation, magnetic assistance
  • Adopts far infrared carbon fiber heating technology, heat energy accelerates blood circulation
  • Equipped with eight far-infrared lamps with a high power density of 630-650nm, increase the mobility of the knee joint
  • Features timing function, automatic power-off protection
  • Supports visual operation, multi-purpose machine

The world is shifting to intelligent technology, and companies like Xiaomi are helping people to make their lives easier with their innovative products. Now that is a similar case with the massagers; the smart massagers help people worldwide save money by visiting a massage parlor. To make things easier, here is a new product from Xiaomi, i.e., Xiaomi Youpin Pangao PG-2015F3 Smart Knee Massager, which is a perfect partner for your knee after you get back home. Let’s dive into the article and check more features.

Xiaomi Youpin Pangao PG-2015F3 Smart Knee Massager Design

The new knee massager is made up of solid plastic, making the product more affordable for all Xiaomi customers. We get the three dynamic airbags that automatically inflate and deflate from the inner side. The massager is soft and comfortable, relieving knee joint pain while relaxing the joint in all directions.

With the new knee massager, the company makes sure that whenever you rest your knee from your busy life, you get the best treatment possible at an affordable price at home. The air pressure kneading, constant temperature, and vibration massage provide all benefits of a deep tissue massage.


If you are an athlete, a trucker or someone who spends all day sitting on the computer, this product will make your life easy. The massager comes with three massage techniques, i.e., deeply soothing, strong relaxation, and relaxing massage.

With the multiple adjustable elastic bands, the new knee massager is a perfect fit for any size of the knee.

The Xiaomi Knee massager comes with the revolutionary carbon fiber heating technology which warms your knee while massaging. This heat energy penetrates through the knee and helps increase blood circulation.

Set Massage Time

The default time of the massager is 20 minutes. But you are eligible to set the timer between 10 to 30 minutes according to your requirement. The automatic power-off feature in the massager helps if you fall asleep while taking a massage.

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Xiaomi Youpin Pangao PG-2015F3 Smart Knee Massager
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Xiaomi Youpin Pangao PG-2015F3 Smart Knee Massager is a perfectly designed product to give comfort with three dynamic airbags that help relax your knee with heating technology.
  • Three dynamic airbags
  • Breathable material
  • Carbon heating technology warms the knee
  • Material is not long-lasting

Specification: Xiaomi Youpin Pangao PG-2015F3 Smart Knee Massager





Product Color


Lithium Battery


Input Power


Charging Power Supply


Heating Temperature


Air Pressure Intensity


Host Net Weight

About 750g

Product Size


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Xiaomi Youpin Pangao PG-2015F3 Smart Knee Massager
Xiaomi Youpin Pangao PG-2015F3 Smart Knee Massager

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