Xiaomi Youpin Momoda SX301 Mini Full-body Massager

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Product is rated as #5 in category Health & Beauty
  • Features the U-shaped innovative appearance, provides a comfortable grip
  • Equipped with 3 kinds of massage heads, which can be replaced according to individual needs
  • Comes with a strong magnetic brushless motor up to 2800 rpm, high-intensity vibration frequencies penetrate the muscles
  • Equipped with a 1100mAh lithium battery can last for about 10 days
  • Comes with an intelligent shutdown timer function

Massages are always good after a long day at work. Xiaomi is making it easy with its products for customers globally to live an easier life. This time under the Youpin sub-brand, Xiaomi is launching the new Xiaomi Youpin Momoda SX301 Mini Full-body Massager. The massager features a 3D-shaped head; which perfectly fits the curvatures of your back, neck, shoulders, and waist. While the massager provides a massage experience matching your body curve. You can massage yourself at home anytime with this device.

Xiaomi Youpin Momoda SX301 Mini Full-body Massager Design

U-shaped ergonomic design is suitable for the grip curve, comfortable grasp, form, and function interpretation of the new definition of massage. The 3D suspension massage mode in the massager will closely fit the neck curve. This will allow the users to the top of the head to relax without pressing.

Double Head Staggered Massage

The compact and portable Mini Full-body Massager delivers powerful and effective deep tissue massage. It also increases blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, and promotes relaxation. With the help of the massager, the two massage heads will help users in treating the back, legs, and arms. Great for daily use at home or on the go.

3 Professional Massage Heads

The new massager comes with elastic silicon material which helps in flipping the head of the mini-full massager. Also, this flipping makes the massager more convenient. The mini massager from Youpin comes with unidirectional revolving technology. The technology will help the massager to provide more comfort during the massage.

Xiaomi’s new massager gets the three kinds of massage heads with different elasticities. Three heads are characterized by the different strengths and help the users to relieve the muscle tension. Users can also adjust the settings according to their needs.

The Momoda SX301 Mini Massager has a built-in magnetic solid brushless motor that penetrates muscles powerfully to 2-3 cm. This provides high-strength vibration frequency, quickly crushing tight and sore muscles and caring for every muscle group.

Xiaomi Youpin Momoda SX301 Mini Full-body Massager Battery

To charge the new mini massager, you can simply plug in the massager to the USB port. It will take only a few hours to fully charge the battery. The 1100mAh battery in the mini massager will last for about 10 days of use. The dark side of the massager is that it will automatically stop after 10 minutes of massaging.

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Xiaomi Youpin Momoda SX301 Mini Full-body Massager
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Xiaomi Youpin Momoda SX301 Mini Full-body Massager adopts the U-shape design which is perfect for everybody and the long-lasting battery provides long massages.
  • 10-days battery life
  • 3 Professional Massage Heads
  • Stops after 10 minutes automatically

Specification: Xiaomi Youpin Momoda SX301 Mini Full-body Massager







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Gear Speed

1st Gear: 1600 rpm; 2nd Gear: 2400 rpm; 3rd Gear: 2800 rpm

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Xiaomi Youpin Momoda SX301 Mini Full-body Massager
Xiaomi Youpin Momoda SX301 Mini Full-body Massager

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