Xiaomi Youpin Huayi Sterilization Lamp

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  • Provides you with a powerful dual mode of UV ozone disinfection
  • Comes with 38W power supply, 40 square meters large area disinfection, 360° light disinfection
  • Portable disinfection, suitable for both domestic and public areas

Xiaomi manufactures a light that is capable of killing the Coronavirus. This lamp is manufactured by Zhongshan Huayi Lighting Co. and operates at a maximum ratio of 40m2. The Huayi Sterilization Lamp uses UV light + an Ozone generator. So if you use it in a room, you must leave it to avoid respiratory problems or burns.

Huayi Sterilization Lamp Key Features

This lamp adds 2 UV tubes that generate powerful ultraviolet light and an ozone generator that involve 38W of power. The size of this virus remover lamp is 120 x 120 x 428 mm. And it has a certification for the probability of killing viruses in around 99.9% of successful cases, in which viruses do not survive the UV light + ozone generated by the lamp. It’s a minimal white-colored design that suits your apartment.

Thanks to the 35W power, the disinfection process takes minimum time from a device this small.  You should use the lamp for 25 minutes if the area to be disinfected is 10m2. If the area is 20m2, you should use 30 min. Finally, if the room is about 40m2 it should be used for about 60 minutes. This type of light and the ozone generated is so extremely powerful. This is why the manufacturer recommends that when it is switched on we should stay out of the room, even if there are animals in the room. If you stay in the same room there is a danger that you can have burns or a danger of being blind if we look at it for a few minutes.

While most sterilization lamps offer only a single UV tube at this price, Xiaomi offers dual UV tubes which act as 2x powerful UV Ozone disinfectants. It also increases the area of activity which is 40 square meters. Apart from this, since its tubular design, the sterilization is 360-degrees.

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Xiaomi Youpin Huayi Sterilization Lamp
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The Huayi sterilization lamp is capable of killing Coronavirus and other bacteria. However, the user must be extremely careful with the use of the lamp as it can be dangerous for health.
  • 99% sterilization
  • Stable and durable
  • Modern white design
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Sterilization Lamp




Iron + Glass





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Within 40m

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Remote Control

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Xiaomi Youpin Huayi Sterilization Lamp
Xiaomi Youpin Huayi Sterilization Lamp

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