Xiaomi Youpin Beebest XA90 Astronomical Telescope

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  • Equipped with a 90mm lens and a 45° mirror for both viewing sight and space
  • Features a boom eyepiece (PL) with a focal length of 600mm for more effective image enhancement
  • Includes PL6, PL20 metal lens for clearer images and longer field of view
  • Provides you with a mobile phone holder, you can share the starry sky with friends

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The first known telescope comes with glass lenses in the Netherlands at the beginning of the 17th century. The use of these telescopes was for astronomy and terrestrial applications. Now, let’s check the telescopes in the modern world, where Xiaomi launches the new telescope with the latest technology. The Xiaomi Youpin Beebest XA90 Astronomical Telescope has the best features and design.

Xiaomi Youpin Beebest XA90 Astronomical Telescope Design

Firstly, the new telescope from Xiaomi decided to fulfill the dreams of thousands of children of looking at the endless sky full of stars. The design of the telescope will help the users to look into the depth of the space. The design also helps more light to penetrate the telescope improving the picture quality when you look into the sky. The device provides the Prosperity eyepiece (PL) with a 600-mm focal length, which provides a more effective increase in the image. Due to this, the user of the BEEBEST telescope can observe not only the planets of the Solar System but even the stars from different constellations. The aluminum alloy tripods make the telescope lighter to carry easily to your room and back to the terrace.

Capturing and Sharing Images

The feature why the users will love the telescope is its search feature; with this, they will be able to search the specific space object. Along with this, we get a special stand for the smartphone. Users can take pictures and easily share them on their social media. This equipment will be useful for both amateurs, who want to observe celestial bodies closer than it is possible with the naked eye (and even more close than through binoculars), and professional astronomers who need to study stars up close.

The BEEBEST telescope is a high-quality device that allows you to look at all planets and stars with high precision. Users can easily transport it and assemble it easily at any place with the perfect angle according to the requirement.

The Beebest telescope brings a 90mm lens which gives coverage of a large amount of light. Along with this, the product also comes with PL6 and PL20, which reduces the loss of light making the picture clearer.

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Xiaomi Youpin Beebest XA90 Astronomical Telescope
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Xiaomi Youpin Beebest XA90 Astronomical Telescope adopts a delicate design that allows capturing the solar system and sharing it on social media.
  • 90mm main mirror calibration
  • Aluminum alloy troy stand
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Specification: Xiaomi Youpin Beebest XA90 Astronomical Telescope





Telescope Lens


Lens Material

PL Lens

Lens 1

PL20 (Power: 30 times)

Lens 2

PL6 (Power: 100 times)

Limiting Magnitude


Corner Mirror

45° Mirror

Lens Cone Material

Aluminium Alloy

Lens Cone Craft

Metal Paint


Aluminium Alloy

Optical Cavities


Focal Length



6 x 30 Optical Finderscope

Equatorial Telescope

EQ1 Equatorial Telescope


Antireflective FMC

Product size

28 x 9.5 x 110cm / 11.02 x 3.74 x 43.31inch

Net weight


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Xiaomi Youpin Beebest XA90 Astronomical Telescope
Xiaomi Youpin Beebest XA90 Astronomical Telescope

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