Xiaomi Wolonow FGMN-R-35 Smart Pocket Fascia Gun

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  • Equipped with the intelligent light ring, real-time accurate feedback of strength, relaxation strength can be seen
  • Comes with 4 massage heads, 5 kinds of massage to meet the daily massage and relaxation after fitness
  • Equipped with a 60W high-power custom brushless motor, the massage depth can reach 7.5mm
  • Comes with a 2000mAh battery, 60 days of long-term use
  • 40 decibels of non-sensing mute, feel the relaxation of body and mind without disturbing the people around you

Soon after the Wolonow C-35 fascia gun launch, the Chinese tech giant came with the upgraded version under its sub-brand, Xiaomi Wolonow FGMN-R-35 Smart Pocket Fascia Gun. The small-size gun is an easy-to-handle product even in your workspace. So, check out more features of the fascia gun here before you buy it.

Xiaomi Wolonow FGMN-R-35 Smart Pocket Fascia Gun Design

Similar to the other fascia guns from Xiaomi, the new Wolonow R-35 is a handheld massager helping you relax. The traditional design of the foaming head will quickly hide the dirt, giving the power of a professional massage. This small and handy massager will allow you to have a massage at any moment; you can easily carry it in your handbag to your office or workspace.

Xiaomi Wolonow FGMN-R-35 Smart Pocket Fascia Gun Modes

The new fascia massager arrives with four types of massage heads; you can choose one according to your need. The massager also comes with the Target-Wolo pressure sensing technology. So, we get the intelligent ring that tracks the massage and gives the feedback force in real-time. You can check how much pressure you are applying to your muscles in the feedback system.

After a long day at work, nothing is better than a good massage. You need to relax and drop your shoulders and sink into the soothing effect of the excellent massage. You can also adjust from one to five massage modes, shallow to deep.

Xiaomi makes sure that you can also use the product even at your office by providing the 40 decibels of the non-sensing mute feature. So, you won’t disturb the people around you while massaging.

More Powerful

The high-power brushless motor gives the 7.5mm depth massage in about 10 minutes. It’s the best technique for your daily massage and relaxing before sleep.


The new Xiaomi massager arrives with a heavy 3C power battery which can last about 60 days with a single charge. To charge the battery of the fascia gun, we get the Type-C interface which supports the power bank charging.

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Xiaomi Wolonow FGMN-R-35 Smart Pocket Fascia Gun
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Xiaomi Wolonow FGMN-R-35 Smart Pocket Fascia Gun is a small and handy massager with a long battery and 40 decibels non-sensing mute technology, best for office people.
  • 5 types of massage
  • 4 massage heads
  • 40 decibel low noise
  • Easy to carry
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Specification: Xiaomi Wolonow FGMN-R-35 Smart Pocket Fascia Gun



Product Model


Strength Gear

Fifth Gear

Input Voltage


Charging Time

About Four Hours

Power Supply Mode

Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Battery Capacity


Interface Type


Use Environment

0~35 Degrees Celsius

Age Of Use

It is recommended for adults over 18 years old, other people need to use it as appropriate

Product Net Weight


Product Size


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Xiaomi Wolonow FGMN-R-35 Smart Pocket Fascia Gun
Xiaomi Wolonow FGMN-R-35 Smart Pocket Fascia Gun

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