Xiaomi Mijia XMXHB04JQD Writing Tablet

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  • Customized LCD film, clear handwriting
  • Highly sensitive pressure sensing technology, handwriting thickness changes with force
  • One button clearing, low power consumption, lasting battery life
  • Ultralight magnetic stylus for more comfortable storage
  • Unique runway-type pen body design, comfortable grip

Mijia XMXHB04JQD Writing Tablet Display and Fast Touch Response

The Xiaomi Mijia XMXHB04JQD Writing Tablet has a 20-inch LCD screen and is highly sensitive to pressure. The fast response of the display ensures a very good typing feel. You will also receive a stylus with a tablet, which weighs only 7 grams. The nib is made of lightweight and durable material.

Thanks to the high-quality materials and unique pen design, writing with it will be very comfortable and smooth. An interesting function is also to control the thickness of the lines according to the pressure generated during the writing process. You can also simply connect the pen to the tablet using a magnet.

Tablets use a monochrome LCD screen, and due to its technology, the screen can remain active until you delete it. The device is located on two buttons on the body. The front is used to clear the screen, and the side is used to lock the screen.

The tablet screen can respond to pressure, so depending on how you press the screen with the stylus, the tablet can draw thick/thin lines.

The tablet uses a single color LCD screen which, thanks to its technology, is able to remain active until you delete it. The devices are located on the body with two buttons. This is used to clear the screen on the front, while the side is used to lock the screen.

Surprising Battery Life of Xiaomi Mijia LCD Blackboard

Xiaomi’s novelty requires this type of battery to run CR2032. Thanks to the display technology, the tablet can be used continuously for up to one year. The durability test is 100 screen wipes per day.

Safe and Good for the Eyes

Xiaomi Mijia LCD Blackboard uses an anti-blue LCD screen, which does not emit light by itself. Therefore, you can use the tablet for a long time without eye fatigue. The lack of ink and dust makes it a very safe gadget for children! In addition, this tablet has a very good (replaceable) button battery, which has a long battery life (at least 365 days).

9.2Expert Score
Xiaomi Mijia XMXHB04JQD Writing Tablet
Gizcoupon Review
Xiaomi brings another interesting novelty to the market. This is a 20 ″ drawing tablet called Xiaomi Mijia LCD Small Blackboard. It is especially interesting with super stamina and a display that has a very good typing response.
  • Excellent workmanship and good cost performance
  • Magnetic design is easy to use and carry
  • High sensitivity, ability to recognize pressure, smooth writing
  • Handwriting is clear, non-reflective, soft eye protection
  • The degree of intelligence is not high
  • There is no supporting app to keep written records

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Xiaomi Mijia XMXHB04JQD Writing Tablet
Xiaomi Mijia XMXHB04JQD Writing Tablet

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