Xiaomi Mijia S700 Electric Shaver

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  • Innovative ceramic knife, Acid and Akali resistant, not easy to oxidize, and offers clean shaving every time
  • Diamond-ground blade, sharper, steel knife hardness is HV500-600, and ceramic knife hardness is HV1200-1500
  • 240 hours of operation; IPX7 waterproof and internal drainage port, support dry and wet double shaving
  • 3-speed shifting, choose running gear according to your need and skin condition; memory function retains previous settings
  • The high-end direct-drive low-noise motor offers quiet, smooth shaving and high-speed as a torrent, without repetition
  • Innovative suspension floating (IFT) + independent floating technology, 3 cutter heads 360° veneer, shaving without dead ends

Xiaomi Mijia S700 Electric Shaver is the first electric shaver by Mijia, which comes with a ceramic blade. This electric shaver carries the shape of regular shavers but offers more durability and reliability due to its metal body. This electric shaver has user-friendly controls such as a power button and speed button on the top of the shaver rod. You will be able to locate six indicators on this electric shaver; three indicators represent the speed of the blade, while the remaining represent the battery, lock, and charging. The powerful blade of this electric shaver is skin-friendly and highly resistant to erosion. This electric shaver has a low-noise motor that can help you shave smoothly and efficiently.

Xiaomi Mijia S700 Electric Shaver Waterproof

This shaving device gets the rating of IPX7 waterproof; also you will be able to locate the internal water drain port at the bottom, improving this device’s quality. You can clean the ceramic knife without worrying about any damage to the blades. This electric shaver supports dry and wet shaves.

Speed Shifting

This shaving device supports 3-speed shifting to choose the speed according to your skin type. This electric shaver is perfect for all skin types. One of the essential features of this shaver is that it has a memory function which means your last speed settings won’t be changed when you reuse it. This feature saves time and makes it more convenient to use this shaving device.

Xiaomi Mijia S700 Electric Shaver Motor

This shaving device has a low-noise motor which helps to give your explosive start during shaving and ensures your shave is gentle and clean. This brushless low-noise motor gives you an unforgettable shaving experience.

Omnidirectional Technology

This electric haver uses ceramic blades, protecting it from acids, water, or corrosion. This shaving blade has a 3-cutters head which helps to shave out the dead end. The 360-degree rotating blades give you a close shave without any cuts. This electric shaver intelligently detects beard load and maintains constant speed without getting affected by beard load.


This shaving device offers 240 hours of long operation without facing any wear and tear issues. This shaving device provides 2 hours of fast charging with intelligent temperature control by a built-in sensor module. You will have the convenience of the Type-C port charging option.

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Xiaomi Mijia S700 Electric Shaver
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Xiaomi Mijia S700 Electric Shaver adopts a stylish design with more durability and reliability due to its metal body.
  • Innovative Ceramic Knife
  • Anti-corrosion Upgrade
  • Sharp And Hardness Upgrade
  • Innovative Omnidirectional Floating Technology
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Xiaomi Mijia S700 Electric Shaver
Xiaomi Mijia S700 Electric Shaver

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