Xiaomi Mijia MZKXD01ACM-MZ01 Smart Oven

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  • 30L large volume: Built-in three-layer bracket can effectively save space and meet all needs
  • Two in one mode: The combination of steaming and baking makes the taste better
  • Comes with a replaceable water purification box that can effectively filter calcium in the water and reduce the scale
  • Dual control by Mijia App and Xiaomi: Support more than 50 kinds of smart recipes and query cooking time by voice

The Mijia Smart Oven 30L is completely innovative kitchen equipment from Xiaomi. This will be a reasonable choice to help effectively support the cooking job while saving time and effort.

In addition to the ability to steam and grill, the Mijia smart oven also comes with additional functions such as air frying, drying, stew, and fermentation. Besides, the design of the oven is quite modern. Although, the volume is up to 30L but still compact and convenient. Therefore, for the housewives (and not only), it will also be a powerful assistant, supporting a variety of dishes quickly and conveniently while still retaining the delicious taste.

Mijia Smart Oven Key Features

As for the steaming function, the Mijia MZKXD01ACM-MZ01 Smart Oven features a 1200W high-capacity steam vent. It can rapidly generate steam in 30 seconds, rapidly steam all foods in 120 minutes with the ability to control the amount of steam. So, as we can see it supports steam and smart timing. Meanwhile, a traditional steamer usually takes more than 5 minutes to boil the water. Moreover, you need to monitor regularly to avoid burning. Therefore, with outstanding improvements, the Mijia steamer will help users easily make delicious steamed dishes while saving time and effort.

For the grill function, the oven supports a 1450W high capacity grill tube hidden behind, accompanied by a large 12cm rotating fan. This fan distributes heat evenly throughout the oven cavity 360 degrees. From there, the roasting effect is even faster.

Further, under the influence of hot air circulation, you can also turn the Mijia oven into a large capacity oil-free fryer. This way, you’ll reduce the amount of fat in food while retaining the crispness and aroma. On the other hand, the oven also supports many extended functions such as slow stew, fruit drying, fermentation. Thus, users can flexibly process a variety of different dishes, enrich family meals while ensuring delicious taste, full of nutrition.

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Xiaomi Mijia MZKXD01ACM-MZ01 Smart Oven
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Apart from its basic function, the Xiaomi Mijia smart oven comes with additional functions such as air frying, drying, stew, and fermentation.
  • Ability to steam and grill
  • Compact and modern design
  • 1200W high-capacity steam vent
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Specification: Xiaomi Mijia MZKXD01ACM-MZ01 Smart Oven





Product dimensions

506 x 460 x 388mm

Rated volume


Steaming capacity


Baking capacity


Rated voltage


Rated frequency


Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi-IEEE 802.11b / g / n 2.4GHz

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Xiaomi Mijia MZKXD01ACM-MZ01 Smart Oven
Xiaomi Mijia MZKXD01ACM-MZ01 Smart Oven

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