Xiaomi Mijia H500 Water Ion Hair Dryer

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  • Generates more than 10 million negative ions, neutralizes hair static, and reduces frizz, leaving hair smooth, shiny, and shiny
  • Nano-negative water ions directly blow hair roots, increase hair moisture by 26.47%, gloss by 9.12%, elasticity by 11.86%
  • Air resistance is reduced through the optimized air duct design, and the wind from the hairdryer is smoother, softer, and less decibel
  • Airflow up to 20m/s to dry hair quickly without damaging it
  • NTC/Precision Thermostat detects excessive temperature and automatically stops heating/powering off

Compared to other hair dryers in the market, the Xiaomi Mijia H500 Water Ion Hair Dryer supports a hydrating function. In addition, since the hairdryer uses dual water ion technology, it is capable of providing deep hair care, making hair softer, hydrated, and shiny. There is also a 26.74% increase in the moisture content and a 9.12% increase in the gloss.

Xiaomi Mijia H500 Water Ion Hair Dryer Features

How dual water ion technology actually works? Well, it works through a built-in condenser. The latter condenses the moisture in the air thus automizing it into small negative water ions. In order to condense the moisture in the air, the technology uses two needle-shaped motors. Then, it sends these small negative ions to the hair and roots of the scalp. As a result, not only the high temperature is not lost but also the hair is hydrated. On the other hand, the hairdryer improves hair health, reduces split ends by combining tens of millions of negative ions.

In terms of functionality, the engine of the hairdryer features a 20000rpm direct current motor. It comes with 7 high-speed aircraft turbine blades which are able to reach up to 20 meters in a second. Moreover, the machine supports a pressurized air duct. So, the storm airflow reaches the roots and dries them quickly without even damaging them.

It is also worth noting that the Xiaomi Mijia H500 Water Ion Hair Dryer contains three speeds and three air temperature settings. It can automatically store and activate the next time the user turns on the dryer. Further, the hairdryer uses a glass bead thermal sensor in order to detect the air temperature 60 times in a second. Moreover, the glass bead thermal sensor allows you to customize the air temperature in real-time to stop overheating and damaging hair.

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Xiaomi Mijia H500 Water Ion Hair Dryer
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The Xiaomi Mijia H500 Water Ion Hair Dryer has many advantages, such as double water ion hair care, a high wind speed of 20 m / s, and a relatively compact metal body.
  • 3 kinds of wind temperature
  • 2 gear wind speed
  • Portable and easy to carrying
  • Aerodynamic noise reduction design
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Xiaomi Mijia

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Hair Dryer

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144×79×237mm (including Nozzle)

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Xiaomi Mijia H500 Water Ion Hair Dryer
Xiaomi Mijia H500 Water Ion Hair Dryer

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