Xiaomi Mijia Air Filtration Sterilizer Y-600

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  • The high-quality build material is utilized to encompass metallic texture for a portable physique and cylindrical design
  • A smart OLED touch display panel in a circular shape is brilliant for conveying crucial information in real-time
  • Air filter installs plasma sterilization, UV lamp, double anti-bacterial coating, and nano-level filtration
  • Dedicated Mijia App allows users to control various functions, i.e., air quality, gear adjustment, etc.
  • The inbuilt high-precision sensor will monitor fluctuations in air quality in the home for 24 hours in real-time
  • 6-stage progressive purification can remove formaldehyde up to 98.02% in one hour for efficient results

Xiaomi Mijia Air Filtration Sterilizer Y-600 is the perfect glimpse of technology and innovation. It is a portable machine with several superior specs to meet the intended purpose. The air filter comes in a cylindrical design and installs an ultraviolet UV lamp, plasma sterilization technology, and other relevant filters. Overall, the equipment will prevent all types of bacteria, allergens and viruses from creating a fresh and healthy atmosphere in space.

Design and Construction

In terms of physical construction and look, the Mijia Air Filter & Sterilizer adopts a simple yet captivating aesthetics. The cylindrical design is marvelous and durable, with a composition of high-grade metallic texture. Externally, it appears to join two units together. The upper part is the white-colored unit with an LED display panel. The top grill can be removed to facilitate air duct cleaning. The bottom panel intends to release fresh air with the grill-like design around it. Physically, the Xiaomi air filter measures 310x730mm and weighs 6.3kg.


On the outer surface of the filter, you can see an OLED screen with support for touch operations. It is a circular display to show crucial performance data in real-time. You will have access to the operating mode, sterilization and other information hassle-free.


With anti-coating and high-energy plasma sterilization technology, the machine is able to perform multiple functions. It can sterilize and filter out allergens in a cycle. Also, the plasma generator will release high-energy positive and negative ions continuously to disinfect viruses and bacteria in the air. The ultraviolet UV lamp is also helpful in destroying internal bacteria in real time and preventing the secondary release of pollution.

Furthermore, the double anti-bacterial coating can gain up to 99.98% antiviral and anti-bacterial features. The unit configures six-stage progressive purification to remove 98% of formaldehyde in one hour. The 99.5% nano-level filtration will absorb odors and filter out dust with 600m3 per hour efficiency.


The dedicated Mijia app is there to support the controlling system of the Xiaomi Mijia Air Filtration Sterilizer Y-600. One can check the air quality and adjust the gear through the app interface. It will switch the on and off of the machine automatically. It also features inbuilt high-precision sensors to monitor changes in air pollution in the home for 24 hours.

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Xiaomi Mijia Air Filtration Sterilizer Y-600
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Xiaomi Mijia Air Filtration Sterilizer Y-600 is suitable for home and office with a smart touch display, 6-stage purification, Mijia app control, and portable physique.
  • Smart OLED touch display
  • Mijia App control
  • Inbuilt high-precision sensor
  • 6-stage progressive purification
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Specification: Xiaomi Mijia Air Filtration Sterilizer Y-600






Medium 310x730mm

Rated frequency


Rated voltage


Rated power


Product Weight

about 6.5kg

Application area


Particulate Matter CADR


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Xiaomi Mijia Air Filtration Sterilizer Y-600
Xiaomi Mijia Air Filtration Sterilizer Y-600

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