Tronxy® X5SA-500 Pro 3D Printer

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  • Comes with the 500*500*600 bigger print area
  • Supports auto-leveling, unique auto leveling system
  • Supports power-off resume print, filament run-out detection
  • Features high precision double-axis external guide rail, super precision, super stability and long service life
  • Comes with Titan extruder, TPU and other flexible filaments can be printed more smoothly
  • Equipped with the updated 3.5-inch large touch screen

The Tronxy® X5SA-500 Pro 3D Printer is a large-format, 3D budget printer.

Tronxy® X5SA-500 Pro 3D Printer Features

The manufacturer made this printer of aluminum. That’s why it is quite light in weight. In addition, this 3D printer comes with a sturdy structure. The Tronxy X5SA Pro has got the CoreXY frame design and also has a 330 x 330 x 400 mm build volume. Moreover, it is capable of providing you with accurate 3D printing. But what’s more important because of this, its operation speed is not lowered. Apart from this, our protagonist comes with a lot of user-friendly features like auto-leveling, power-off print resume, and filament run-out detection. All these are very important but we’d like to focus on the latter, which makes operating the printer quite easy.

We’d like to add that the CoreYX design ensures that the stepper motors from the Y and X-axis don’t cause vibrations when printing by moving unnecessarily. For example, they will be able to remain at a standstill when not in use. The latter itself can promise far more accurate and rapid printing.

The machine also has a guide rail version and Titan extruder. The latter permits smoother movement of the print bed and expedites the healing process. In addition, the Titan extruder will also enable you to print with a more expansive list of 3D printing filaments, particularly flexible materials like TPU. In addition to that, the massive build volume of 500 mm * 500 mm * 600 mm will give you the opportunity to print large parts in one go.

As for the connectivity, it comes with a USB and an SD card. It is also very important that it will be possible to print via WiFi, but you have to purchase the WiFi module and install it separately. The printer also comes with a 12864P LCD screen that is very functional.

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Tronxy® X5SA-500 Pro 3D Printer
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Tronxy X5SA-500 Pro is a large-size desktop 3D printer that falls in a very affordable price range.
  • Massive Build volume
  • Titan extruder
  • OSG External Dual Axis Guide
  • CoreXY Printer Structure
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Specification: Tronxy® X5SA-500 Pro 3D Printer



Printing Size


Print Color

Single Color

Print Speed

20-100mm/s (60mm/s is recommanded)

Print Thickness


Position Accuracy

X/Y 0.0125mm;Z 0.02mm

Nozzle Size


Power Input

110V/220V AC,50/60Hz

Power Output

DC 24V 21A


3.5 Inch Touch Screen


Power-off Resume/Filament Detection/Auto Leveling

Videos: Tronxy® X5SA-500 Pro 3D Printer

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Tronxy® X5SA-500 Pro 3D Printer
Tronxy® X5SA-500 Pro 3D Printer

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