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Eachine TX16S RC Transmitter

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Banggood.com has Eachine TX16S Hall Sensor RF System OpenTX Radio Transmitter on sale for $169.99. Price history, coupons and price alert are available on this page. Shipping warehouse limited: 🇨🇳 CN warehouseCurrent: $169.99 | Average: $169.99 | The lowest: $169.99 | 1 records in DB | Price monitoring since 2021-06-15Tip: Coupon code has to be applied in shop’s checkout page, AliExpress store coupon can be obtained directly on its product page.You don’t want to choose this shipping warehouse or store? Check other deal(s) about this product down below.Latest coupon and price update (UTC): 2021/6/15

The Eachine TX16S RC Transmitter is a full-size control transmitter featuring a multi-protocol built-in receiver. The radio transmitter comes in a branded cardboard box and a foam case. Thus, you do not have to worry about safe transportation. At the same time, you can also use this case for storage and transportation in the future. The body is of matte plastic material. It is also worth noting that thanks to the matte plastic material it leaves no prints. On the sides, it is also reinforced with removable rubber pads. These removable rubber pads are also on the back to make holding the Eachine TX16S in your hands more comfortable.

Eachine TX16S RC Transmitter Features and Battery

As for the functionality, the TX16S internal RF system supports the CC2500, NRF24L01, A7105, and CYRF6936 RF chip modules all integrated on one board. In addition, this module represents most of today’s major RF protocols. The RadioMaster’s internal RF module will also support firmware updates directly from the radio’s operating system. On the other hand, the Eachine transmitter supports OpenTX. To clarify, OpenTX provides support for this project. Thus, it ensures that the concept of open standards lives on today and into the future.

Further, the control sticks look very high quality, made with minimal tolerances, no backlash. The front side is made of aluminum, thus giving an aesthetic appearance. In terms of battery capacity, the Eachine TX16S is capable of working with 18650 or LiPo batteries as power. Of course, it will be more acceptable to use the 18650s, because they have a larger capacity and are easier to use. Moreover, you can also charge via USB of the Eachine TX16S equipment itself. The batteries fit into this holder tightly. So, after installation, you will need to move them to the positive contact.

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Eachine TX16S RC Transmitter
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The Eachine TX16S RC Transmitter comes with a multi-protocol built-in receiver. Also, it is multifunctional overall and is easy to operate.
  • High-quality HALL sensor gimbals
  • Voice function
  • Vibration reminder function
  • 6 flight mode bu
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Eachine TX16S RC Transmitter
Eachine TX16S RC Transmitter


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