Freetie Sneakers 2 Sports Version

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  • Features non-slip soles design, it is wearable, and wear-resistant.
  • PU material has an upgraded shock absorption performance. 
  • The body is light and breathable.
  • Easy to put on and take off the shoe mouth, easy to put on and take off.

As already happens with several electronic gadgets, Xiaomi seems to use the same diversification strategy also in the fashion and sports sector. In fact, despite the success of the tennis shoes produced by U’Revo on the platform, now they have launched another pair of sports shoes with “Freetie” branding. The Freetie is manufactured by the Dongguan Yuanchuang Zhixing Garment Technology company. It features a 3D sole, a perforated design for cushioning, and a fishbone closure system. The Freetie Sneakers 2 is one of the sports versions that Xiaomi presents.

Freetie Sneakers 2 Sports Version Description

The solvent molding technology in 3D is something quite innovative. It comes with the traditional shoe construction process. This combination allows you to have a pair of high-performance shoes. They are still comfortable to wear and beautiful to behold. The Freetie then has a structure called “bionics” that makes them resistant and at the same time very light; it is even possible to see the light pierce the shoes if correctly directed.

The rest of the shoe is of high-quality German TPU plastic. It features a layered print to increase durability. Before arriving at this final design, dozens of knitters of 3D render were created. Moreover, the pressure of the foot and its movement were also taken into account. As for the upper part, we have the upper created in a single weaving process that is robust to the look, but in practice very light. In addition, the company used elastic threads of four different colors to give the shoes a more modern look. Other features include two areas, one front and one rear that increase grip on the ground, reflective parts on the tongue. And the back of the shoe is useful for those running in the evening, and has a breathable insole.

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Freetie Sneakers 2 Sports Version
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The Freetie Sneakers 2 shoes are claimed to be comfortable to wear and beautiful to behold, as the pressure of the foot and its movement are also taken into account.
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Elegant design
  • Breathing
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Freetie Sneakers 2 Sports Version
Freetie Sneakers 2 Sports Version

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