Baofeng UV-9R Plus Walkie Talkie

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Product is rated as #8 in category Security & Protection
  • Comes with IP68 waterproof and dustproof
  • Equipped with a 2200mAh, 7.4V lithium-ion battery
  • Features VOX (voice-operated transmission) and automatic keyboard lock
  • Supports busy channel lock function, emergency alarm function

The Baofeng UV-9R Plus Walkie Talkie is IP67 dust and waterproof resisting two-way radio. When saying water-resistant, we mean that it can work well under one meter of water for 30 minutes and it ensures the product’s reliability in wet environments. Also, it can provide you with reliability in humid, dusty, and cold environments. Other than that, it also has a powerful LED flashlight.

Baofeng UV-9R Plus Walkie Talkie Features

It is important to mention that this walkie-talkie is very easy to use. You just need to turn the two walkie-talkies to the same channel. In addition to that, you can connect with others by using a USB cable. What’s more interesting, it supports the same charging approach as regular mobile phones. So you don’t have to worry about running out of battery.

There are three frequency ranges. Particularly, this radio uses 65-108MHz for FM radio reception, 136-174MHz for VHF, and also 400-520MHz for UHF.

In terms of battery life, the Baofeng UV-9R sports a 2200mAh, 7.4V Lithium-ion battery. Moreover, when it’s fully loaded, the battery will be able to provide you with up to 20 hours of usage. The walkie-talkie has a screen that displays the battery level. Apart from displaying information about battery level, it will also warn you when it doesn’t have enough power. Thus, you don’t have to check the battery status frequently, knowing it will inform you when it reaches a dangerous level.

The walkie-talkie comes with several amazing features like VOX (Voice Operated Transmission) and Auto Keypad Lock (AUTOLK). The former will activate transmission by detecting the user’s voice automatically. In addition to that, after speaking, the transmission ends, and the transceiver receives the signal right away. And the second feature will help the device automatically lock the keypads.

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Baofeng UV-9R Plus Walkie Talkie
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The Baofeng UV-9R Plus is a dual-band (2m/70cm) waterproof radio and it is equipped with a high-quality and durable battery. Also, you can get information about the battery status through the display.
  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof
  • Dual-band connectivity
  • Long battery life
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Specification: Baofeng UV-9R Plus Walkie Talkie



Frequency Rangee

VHF:136-174MHz UHF400-520MHz

Channel Capacity


Channel Spacing


Antenna Impedance


Microphone Impedance


Operating Volt

7.4V DC±15%

Frequency Stability



1500mAh (Polymer Li-ion)

RF Power Output


Modulation Type

FM Radio (65.0MHz-108.0MHz)

Modulation Sensitivity


Modulation Distortion


Max Freq Deviation


Occupied Bandwidth


Modulation Feature


Spurious Radiation


Adjacent Channel Power


Sensitivity(12db SINAD)

≤0.15μ(12dB S/N)

Squelch Sensitivity


Audio Power output


Audio Respond


Operation Bandwidth


Co-channel Rejection




Adjacent Channel Selectivity


Standby Current


Spurious Rejection


Intermodulation Resistance


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Baofeng UV-9R Plus Walkie Talkie
Baofeng UV-9R Plus Walkie Talkie

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