Microhoo Mini Air Conditioner

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  • Fast cooling, supports adding ice cubes to minimize temperature in a short time.
  • 99-speed stepless regulation, derived from a unique natural wind
  • The maximum power is 6W, environmental protection, energy-saving and low consumption
  • Equipped with a 1000ml water tank, avoid frequent water addition and longer-lasting cooling capacity
  • Natural wind, timing, sleep mode, three functions are free to switch by touch screen adjustment
  • Sleep mode is turned on at night, automatic downshift, 30-speed low-noise operation

MICROHOO is another of Xiaomi’s partner brands on their crowdfunding platform Youpin and they bring an interesting product suitable for hot summer days. Their portable Microhoo Mini Air Conditioner has a power of 6W and you can also power it via a power bank. The main fact why this air conditioning is so practical is its portability. If necessary, you can move it wherever you want, whether on the table, on the floor or in other rooms. It has a white minimalist design, dimensions 196 x 178 x 182 mm, and on the left is located a 100ml water tank. In addition, it must be supplemented in order for the air conditioning to fulfill its function. It weighs 1,2 kg which is not terrible at all. There is a power port on the back.

Microhoo Mini Air Conditioner Features

Don’t you have a plug where you want to put the air conditioner? This is no problem because in the MICROHOO you can also power via a power bank. The product itself has a USB-C connector, from which you can then use a USB cable to connect the adapter or the mentioned power bank.

The performance of this air conditioner is 6W. This is not a demanding energy device. It is possible to set blow control and thus, for example, to simulate the natural wind or set more intensive cooling. There is also a touch area on top of the device, from where you can change modes. You can choose sleep mode, natural wind, or auto power-off mode.

In general. Microhoo’s personal mini air conditioner keeps coolness and moisture when you wish. The device with step-less speed regulation and low noise level will help to cool or humidify the air at any time of the year. As said, the device has a touch screen where you can adjust the wind speed and change its direction. It also has a timer and sleep mode. The 1-liter water tank is well fixed to prevent leakage. Its key advantage is that it can get power from a power bank. This device is not only ideal for office workers but also fits well into the home interior.

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Microhoo Mini Air Conditioner
Gizcoupon Review
There are many air coolers available in the market but they are overly large in size and usually don’t come cheap. Microhoo is another Xiaomi partner brand on its crowdfunding platform, and their Mini Portable Air Conditioner is suitable for hot summer days.
  • Portable design
  • Great performance
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Specification: Microhoo Mini Air Conditioner







Water Tank Capacity


Product Weight

About 1.2kg

Product Size

19.60 x 17.80 x 18.20 cm

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