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Xiaomi Youpin Giiker M3 Magnetic Cube


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Current: $14.99 | Average: $15.52 | The lowest: $9.45 | 6 records in DB | Price monitoring since 2021-04-30

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1.  Perfect Science Education GIFT
Perfect as a science education gift for your family, boyfriends, children, classmates, and yourselves.
2. A Good Magic Cube, Realize Your Childhood Dreams
What is a good cube? It turns quickly and firmly, will not get stuck or scattered, compatible with all sorts of techniques. This product meets your needs at one time. Powerful performance, cost-effective, with APP, let you easily get new skills, the realization of childhood restore dreams.
3. Movable Magnetic Module Design
Automatic Positioning, Light & Smooth Movement
With built-in 48 strong magnets, it can be aligned automatically with a flick of the dial.  Innovative movable magnetic module design brings a stronger sense of the sound of magnetic suction, like with BGM itself, can not stop at first.
4. High-Performance Racing Structure Design
More Accurate Rotation, More Stable Elasticity
The innovative segmented lengthened shaft and dual metal shaft sleeve have greatly improved the verticality of the six axes and the rotation accuracy of the center block. Combined with the new integrated design of the center block and the elastic system, the elasticity on all six sides remains stable and consistent. Players can freely adjust the tightness, just breaking the hand speed as fast as they can.
5. App Teaching Guide, Easy Learning
Search “Giiker” on mainstream app stores, there are a large amount of free and high-quality contents of magical cubes. It is a good assistant for the introduction and advancement of newbies.
* Without Bluetooth function, this cube can NOT connect to your phone APP but you can refer to the tutorial on the app to learn and play. Besides, there is a function that you can enter the states of each face of every single cube into APP, and then restore it following the guide on APP.

* What’s the difference between “Giiker Super Cube” and “Giiker M3 Magnetic Cube”?
– Giiker Super Cupe is an intelligent cube with built-in sensors and recognition algorithms, which can connect the APP via Bluetooth and interact in real-time.
– Giiker M3 Magnetic Cube is a high-performance racing cube without intelligent modules and Bluetooth function, but with perfect magnetic positioning hand feeling. Both of them is suitable for beginners and advanced improvement.

Specification: Xiaomi Youpin Giiker M3 Magnetic Cube


Giiker Magnetic Cube M3

Age of Use

6 or Above

Product Size


Product Weight


Main Material

ABS Environmental Plastic


No Charge Required, Mechanical Structure

Current: $ | Average: $15.01 | The lowest: $9.45 | 13 records in DB | Price monitoring since 2021-04-30

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Xiaomi Youpin Giiker M3 Magnetic Cube
Xiaomi Youpin Giiker M3 Magnetic Cube


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