Xiaomi Youpin Deerma CM1910 Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Vibrating UV mites chassis, wide suction nozzle, two-in-one flat suction 3 kinds of brush heads
  • There is no power cord, small and portable, the main unit is light to 1 kg, and the trunk and seat can be cleaned at any time
  • 253.7nm UV rays to illuminate and penetrate the layers of fabric to kill the mites
  • ≥6000Pa strong suction and steel cyclone filtration x HEPA
  • Infrared sensing, anti-UV leakage
  • Dust cup and filter can be washed

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One of the best devices for efficient cleaning is a vacuum cleaner. You can use it to clean up garbage in a wide variety of places in an apartment. Also, there are special devices with which you can clean the upholstery of the sofa and other items of upholstered furniture. In terms of vacuum cleaners, the Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Deerma CM1910 has great functionality, is very convenient to use, is made of quality materials, and has a long service life.

Deerma CM1910 Vacuum Cleaner Key Features

The device has a compact size, so it is very convenient to use. The model weighs only 1.1 kg. The vacuum cleaner is hardly noticeable in the hand during operation. The capacity of the dirt trap is 0.6 liters. This size is enough for 2-3 complete cleaning of the room. But we recommend it to clean the dust canister after each cleaning in the house. The noise level of the device is only 80 dB. For such a powerful device, this value is quite small. To clarify, we can compare it to a loud dialogue between two people in the next room. The Xiaomi Deerma CM1910 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner is made of durable ABS plastic, which provides excellent wear resistance and a high level of operation. The high engine power of the model ensures efficient and trouble-free operation of the device for 40 minutes. This is enough time to clean a large house.

On the other hand, as this vacuum cleaner has a modern design, it will fit into the interior of any apartment. The compact size of the model has an advantage in operation. The model is presented in different colors. Each user can choose the shade he likes. The special ergonomic design of nozzles allows you to get to the most remote places of the apartment, where no rag will get. Also, the convenient design allows you to quickly and without damage to the fabric to clean the upholstered furniture.

It is also worth noting that the vacuum cleaner’s battery capacity is 2200 mAh, enough to clean one large room. The battery of the model is lithium-ion, so it is wear-resistant and durable.

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Xiaomi Youpin Deerma CM1910 Vacuum Cleaner
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The Deerma CM1910 vacuum cleaner has a modern design, and smart features to meet your daily requirements. The compact size of the model has an advantage in operation.
  • Compact size
  • BMS battery management
  • Dust cup capacity of 0.4L
  • 30 minutes battery life
  • No English manual
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Xiaomi Youpin Deerma CM1910 Vacuum Cleaner
Xiaomi Youpin Deerma CM1910 Vacuum Cleaner

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