Shunzao Z11 Pro Vacuum Cleaner

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  • 125000 rpm brushless motor, 26000Pa vacuum, 150AW suction power
  • Real-time suction display ring display, display of remaining battery percentage, remind when the blockage reminds
  • One-click popping dust sustained suction
  • Double set of 4 for efficient hair cutting in machine
  • It adopts a five-layer filtering system, filters dust as small as 0.3 microns, and discharges clean
  • 99.9% depth mite-removal: built-in self-driven motor de-mite brush

The Chinese company Xiaomi also has a number of handheld vacuum cleaners in its product portfolio. This is the model Shunzao Z11 Pro from a specialized manufacturer of vacuum cleaners. The Shunzao Z11 Pro Vacuum Cleaner is a convenient and productive cleaning tool. This handheld vacuum cleaner will become an indispensable item in your home. It is lightweight so that is comfortable for use. The engine of the Shunzao Z11 Pro works at 125,000 revolutions per minute. This will ensure high-quality cleaning, and the Max mode will deal with the most difficult dirt. The machine also contains a HEPA filter to remove 99,97% of 0,3-micron particles (dust). In addition, the vacuum cleaner uses technology to eliminate mites from mattresses or other surfaces.

Shunzao Z11 Pro Vacuum Cleaner Features

The device has a patented self-cleaning technology from dust and hair, which protects the vacuum cleaner from the formation of lumps, and it helps to reduce its efficiency. The fight against hair clumps formation is due to the leveling knives that prevent hair from tangling. The vacuum cleaner can be used for wooden floors, tiles, and other coatings. To empty the dust container, you only have to press one button. The original display shows suction strength, remaining battery power, and blockage notifications. The 5-stage filtration system prevents secondary air pollution and prevents clogging.

The Xiaomi Shunzao Z11 handheld vacuum cleaner measures 77,30 x 4,05 x 13,30 cm and the weight is adjusted for comfortable one-handed use. The vacuum cleaner can handle various types of carpets, with thicker but also thin “hair”, but also with wooden floors without damaging them. The specialty of this vacuum cleaner is the round display, which displays data such as battery life in real-time or warns of a blockage. One-button operation is really easy and powerful vacuuming can start almost immediately. It is also a practical button for quick emptying of waste from a dust container that has a volume of 500 ml. Battery life has stopped at 60 minutes.

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Shunzao Z11 Pro Vacuum Cleaner
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Shunzao Z11 Pro Vacuum Cleaner is a convenient and productive cleaning tool, which will become an indispensable item in your home.
  • Five-layer filtering system
  • Large battery
  • Powerful motor
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