Roidmi Nex 2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner

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  • 26500 pa Vacuum and 150W suction power supported
  • OLED smart colour screen control
  • Magnetic 2-in-1 sweep and mop components
  • Brushless motor and the new air duct design, easily absorb dust particles
  • 6 filters and Air-X 2.0 dust separation reduces frequent cleaning of filters
  • V-shaped anti-hair curl structure, 30% better than Nex effect

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The Xiaomi Youpin Roidmi Nex 2 Pro handheld vacuum cleaner will make your cleaning process easier. The handle is equipped with a colour LED display. That display is the status of the vacuum cleaner: basic settings, operating mode, a reminder to replace the filter, battery charge level. The device received an improved engine system. Thanks to that it was possible to increase the suction power and extend the battery life.

Xiaomi Youpin Roidmi Nex 2 Pro Features

The set includes a brush with bristles (a combination of hard and soft bristles) arranged in a V-shape. This makes the process of collecting dust and debris more efficient. Moreover, it has an Engine X20 digital motor that rotates at 120000 revolutions per minute, with a power of 150 AW and suction power of 26500 Pa.

It incorporates a filtering system that adds Air-X 2.0 cyclonic technology with a system of 6 stages, which allows capturing microparticles and mites with an efficiency that reaches 99.9%. Several of the filters incorporate Novaron antibacterial technology. The brand names this set of filtering systems as the ZiWei Sterilization System. In this model they have increased the capacity of the tank, being now 550 ml. Mention that both the tank and filters are washable in water.

Another novelty is that it incorporates an information screen. And this is where we can see one of the differences between the normal model and the Pro. While the X30 model has an LED screen, the X30 Pro model has an OLED Smart Color, which offers information and notices in colour.

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Roidmi Nex 2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner
Roidmi Nex 2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner

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