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Xiaomi Mijia BPLDS01DM Pedestal Fan

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  • Different speeds allow the fan to send air naturally and steadily
  • Adopts a DC brushless motor can effectively reduce noise
  • Wind mode has a supply distance of 2.7-4.9 meters at a comfortable wind speed of 0.8m / s
  • You can choose the 100-speed wind speed adjustment through the Mijia app

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When it comes to “fans”, everyone is no stranger. It is true that the fan has a long history of machinery. As early as Western humans invented the seven-wheel fan, and used one person to drive the wheel. The house was cool. But all the time, whether it is a human fan or an electric fan, there is no natural wind comfort. Xiaomi Mijia 1X BPLDS01DM Pedestal Fan DC inverter is claimed to solve this problem.

In the product design, the Xiaomi Mijia 1X dc inverter fan went deep into the forest area and collected natural wind data on the spot for a long time. Through the algorithm setting, the wind speed in the natural wind mode changes randomly, the soft wind is large and small, and the width is wide. The latter can avoid the problems of cold and also gout caused by traditional AC fans.

Xiaomi Mijia BPLDS01DM Pedestal Fan Design and Features

Turning on the fan to cool down at night, the most feared thing is the noise. The Xiaomi Mijia 1X BPLDS01DM DC Inverter Fan adopts a DC brushless motor. Its carbon brushless design can effectively reduce noise and has the advantages of low noise, stability, high efficiency, and strong power. The product reduces the resonance noise through strict dynamic balance calibration. In addition, the unique airfoil profile fan blade design reduces the wind resistance. It supports a multi-pronged approach, 1 block noise is as low as 26.6dB (A), to meet the museum-level mute requirements.

According to ASHRAE 55 American National Standards, the upper limit of air velocity to meet the thermal comfort of the indoor human body is 0.8m/s. The Xiaomi Mijia 1X Pedestal Fan in natural wind mode has a supply distance of 2.7-4.9 meters at a comfortable wind speed of 0.8m / s.  Thanks to the lossless design of the brushless DC motor, this fan is not only powerful but also smooth and free of jams during the process of changing speeds at different speeds, allowing the fan to send air naturally and steadily. When the air supply distance is 8m, the wind speed reaches 0.75m / s, and the furthest air supply distance can reach 14 meters, which meets the needs of most homes and commercial offices.

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Xiaomi Mijia BPLDS01DM Pedestal Fan
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With so many advantages and comfortable blowing, the Xiaomi Mijia BPLDS01DM Pedestal Fan is worth buying. It is a small household appliance with excellent quality, high-cost performance, and a substantial increase in the happiness of home life.
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  • DC brushless motor
  • Speed adjustment
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Xiaomi Mijia BPLDS01DM Pedestal Fan
Xiaomi Mijia BPLDS01DM Pedestal Fan

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