BlitzWolf BW-SH5 Smart Humidifier

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Noise Reduction8
Water tank8
  • APP Remote Control refreshes and improves air quality before you go home
  • 4.3L Large Water Tank can be used for a long time when the amount of water is filled at one time.
  • 360 °Ultrasonic High-Efficiency Humidification understands large-scale humidification by not wetting the table.
  • Due to constant Humidity mist volume can be automatically adjusted based on the preset humidity.
  • UV Sterilization kills germs in the water tank and avoids the secondary pollution

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During hot weather, the air around could get really dry. It makes breathing difficult and also makes your skin dry and unhealthy. For That we have today the BlitzWolf BW-SH5 Air humidifier, air humidifiers are, literally, a very cool accessory to add to your house, it makes the air less dry and better for your skin, breath, and overall health.  The BlitzWolf BW-SH5 humidifier has a block shape with dimensions 235 x 200 x 348 mm and a weight of 3,65 kilograms. It comes in a dark gray plastic version and looks really modern. The design is quite elegant and simple, just a square box with a base to stand on and a hole on top to release the vapor.

BlitzWolf BW-SH5 Smart Humidifier Features

The power supply is solved classically from the socket. The water tank has a volume of up to 4,3 liters and is easily removable from the rest of the body. So, you don’t have to lift it all to fill the tank. Upstairs is a tunnel through which water vapor will be blown, which will humidify the surrounding air. A full tank of water should suffice up to 50 hours of active humidification.

In addition, the noise level is also a low level of 35 dB, so it is possible to sleep even if it is released in the room. There is even the possibility of exhaling heated air. It is possible to set a specific humidity, which can be set in a range from 30 to 70% humidity. The humidifier will then intelligently maintain it. All settings are made using the front panel with all indicators. It’s not missing either UV sterilization. Humidity adjustment is also possible using a mobile application directly from the manufacturer.

The BlitzWolf BW-SH5 humidifier is a very high-quality household companion, especially if you have problems with dry air. The summer season is coming, which is typical for dry air. Dried mucous membranes are very irritating and can lead to respiratory problems.


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BlitzWolf BW-SH5 Smart Humidifier
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The BlitzWolf BW-SH5 humidifier is a very high-quality household companion in a smart home. The design is quite elegant and simple.
Noise Reduction
Water tank
  • App Remote Control
  • 4.3L Large Water Tank
  • 360° Ultrasonic High-Efficiency Humidification
  • Constant Humidity
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BlitzWolf BW-SH5 Smart Humidifier
BlitzWolf BW-SH5 Smart Humidifier

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