Hibrew G3 Automatic Coffee Grinder

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Product is rated as #9 in category Home Appliances
  • High-quality plastic material is utilized to build excellent machine with portable and lightweight aesthetics
  • Dedicated controlling unit allows users to switch between different modes to undergo efficient performance
  • Coffee bean container and coffee powder container come with 210g and 100g of storage capacity, respectively
  • Impressive anti-static technology helps prevent powder splash with inbuilt negative ion generator
  • Multiple sizes of portafilters bring flexibility to choose from 51mm, 54mm, and 58mm as per requirements
  • Excellent stainless-steel conical burr is solid and durable with high hardness to trigger long service life

Hibrew G3 Automatic Coffee Grinder is an innovative product essentially designed to grind coffee beans. It is a portable device with a dual-jar mechanism to help you out while preparing a delicious coffee. Users will come across an integrated controlling module to manage multiple working modes and other crucial functions. The unit has a 210g large capacity bean container and a 100g powder container.

Design and Build

Overall, the physical development and appearance give an astounding look with a portable construction. It is a simple yet attractive device with dual containers involved in the system. The bean container (210g) is accommodated on the upper side with a lid. Also, the unit carries another jar featured at the bottom side to host the coffee powder.

Above this coffee powder container, you can see another unit with the controlling system on top. The main grinding machine is hidden in the case with a glossy look outside. The whole construction implements high-grade plastic materials to find durability and toughness. Both glass-made containers are transparent to show you the quantity of the coffee. Physically, the HiBREW coffee grinding machine measures 27x39x16cm and weighs 3.9kg.


The controlling unit installed on the machine is something to manage things with more convenience. The deck loads several kinds of buttons and control systems to help enthusiasts capture the right mode of operation for the best coffee taste. You can switch modes by pressing and holding the button for 2 seconds. In the middle, there is a dedicated Start/Stop button in a circular shape. Also, the system hires a timer to count down seconds accurate to 0.1 seconds. All in all, the coffee grinder is a magnificent machine with some innovativeness in several respects.


In terms of storage capacity, the Hibrew G3 Automatic Coffee Grinder comes equipped with two separate containers with different storage capacities. The upper side features a coffee bean container with a storage capacity of 210g. Similarly, the coffee powder container can store the material up to 100g. Both are transparent and made of food-grade materials.

Anti-Static Function

Furthermore, the integrated anti-static function is another highlighting prospect that keeps the powder from splashing. It has an inbuilt negative ion generator to minimize powder splash impressively.

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Hibrew G3 Automatic Coffee Grinder
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Hibrew G3 Automatic Coffee Grinder is ideal for home and office use with durable construction, larger coffee bean and powder container, and several portafilters.
  • Large-capacity transparent containers
  • Easy to control
  • Stainless-steel conical burr
  • Multiple portafilters
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Hibrew G3 Automatic Coffee Grinder
Hibrew G3 Automatic Coffee Grinder

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