Enchen Aurora-T2 Electric Toothbrush

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  • Adopts maglev power multiplication technology, 43000 times of sonic vibration force improves cleaning power
  • Equipped with “volcanic root” bristles, strong adsorption, anti-pigmentation, stronger whitening power
  • Provides 3 modes, each mode can be adjusted in 3 steps, all functions are hidden in a button, and a circle of breathing lights
  • Supports IPX7 water resistance, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning your toothbrush with water

Healthy teeth play an essential role in our daily life. We all need to do daily brushing to keep bacteria under control and maintain good oral health. Poor dental hygiene can cause more significant problems than affecting your smile and may affect other body parts. Technology advancement has brought the invention of electric toothbrushes. The timer on the electric toothbrush helps you run it long enough to remove plaque in your teeth. Enchen Aurora-T2 Electric Toothbrush comes with semi-circular bristles, which allows for brushing gentling without any damage to teeth. You only need one hour time to fully charge your electric toothbrush.

Sonic Vibration Force

The magnetic levitation movement has a stronger sonic vibration force; it helps significantly improve the cleaning power, and the higher frequency helps in removing plague several times.

Enchen Aurora-T2 Electric Toothbrush Design

The Aurora T2 electric toothbrush holds many awards, including the German Red Dot design award, IF design award, Golden dot award, and other international awards. The top of Volcano root bristles forms the naturally rounded corner, which allows performing whitening and teeth cleaning simultaneously. The sonic technology used in the T2 electric toothbrush generates power to the tip of the brush head. The movement of sonic waves creates a fluid cleaning force that allows fluid to enter between the teeth and around the gums to get rid of the stubborn plague. You will get crystal clear teeth with the whitening and polishing technology of the T2 electric toothbrush.

Enchen Aurora-T2 Electric Toothbrush Tooth Heads

You will be getting two tooth heads to meet different needs. The one head is designed for sensitive gums, while the other head is intended to be used by everyone and comes with more substantial whitening power.

Waterproof & Reminder

Your Aurora T2 electric toothbrush is resistant to water with an IPX7 rating, so you don’t need to worry when performing cleaning tasks on your toothbrush with water. You get a reminder to change the area after every 30 seconds and shut down automatically after two minutes. The Aurora T2 electric brush has three different modes with different lights: white light represents the polishing mode, blue light represents the sensitive mode, and the green light represents the health care model.

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Enchen Aurora-T2 Electric Toothbrush
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Enchen Aurora-T2 Electric Toothbrush adopts an award-winning design with rounded corners, two tooth heads, and IPX7 waterproofing.
  • Magnetic Levitation Power Multiplier Technology
  • 9 Gear Switching
  • Two Tooth Standard Heads
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Specification: Enchen Aurora-T2 Electric Toothbrush






Black, White

Bristle Type

Mouthguard Soft Bristle



Charging Time

1 Hour


9-gear Adjustment



Cert Certification




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Enchen Aurora-T2 Electric Toothbrush
Enchen Aurora-T2 Electric Toothbrush

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