Xiaomi Youpin Petoneer Pet Odor Eliminator

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  • Purifying at the source to freshen the air for you and the furry family
  • The 2200 mAh large-capacity battery lasts about 3 days with full power
  • Ozone keeps deodorizing and sterilizing with fresh air flowing through the room
  • Intermittent working mode, no need to control the switch at all times, 24-hour long-term protection
  • 70cm/120° intelligent sensing mode, the active release of oxygen after the pet leaves, so that the net taste effect is better
  • The three-sided outlet design allows the oxygen molecules to be released quickly with the airflow, which improves the oxygen coverage

The Petoneer Pet Odor Eliminator is another smart device from Xiaomi Youpin. The concept of the device is that it provides a clean and healthy environment for pets. Instead of a traditional filter element odor masking method, the odor eliminator adopts an active oxygen release and decomposition technology to neutralize and decompose odor molecules. In addition, it inhibits bacterial reproduction and makes pet space cleaner and fresher.

The Petoneer Pet Odor Eliminator features 70cm/120 degrees intelligent sensing mode is more secure. It also adopts Fresnel ultra-thin lens and infrared sensing. This is to realize the moment of entering and leaving a pet in real-time. After the pet leaves, the deodorizer releases live oxygen actively, making the cleaning effect even better. Further, the odor eliminator supports intermittent working mode 24-hour long-term care. The 24-hour normal intermittent working mode automatically provides living oxygen for the pet living environment to purify without the need to control the switch at all times.

Petoneer Pet Odor Eliminator Design and Battery

In terms of battery capacity, it sports a large capacity of lithium batteries that are more convenient to use. Without an external power supply, the 2200 mAh batteries support a working time of 3 days at a time with full power. As for the appearance and design of the machine, this pet odor eliminator comes in scientific wind design. The latter makes live oxygen release more fully. The three-side outlet design allows live oxygen molecules to be released quickly with the airflow to better improve the coverage of live oxygen.

Further, we should highlight the mechanism of an indicator lamp. The indicator lamp shows that the working state of active oxygen is visible. When the indicator lights out, it means that the machine is dormant. The blue light of the indicator is always on to indicate that the machine releases live oxygen. And finally, the blue flashing of the indicator lamp indicates that the infrared induction has been triggered. At the same time, it shows that the active oxygen has stopped releasing.

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Xiaomi Youpin Petoneer Pet Odor Eliminator
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The Petoneer pet odor eliminator is a must-have product for pets, especially cat owners. It refreshes the air and supports infrared sensing.
  • Large battery capacity
  • Compatible with Mi Home
  • Infrared sensing
  • Scientific wind design
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Specification: Xiaomi Youpin Petoneer Pet Odor Eliminator




Intelligent Sterilization Deodorizer




2200mAh lithium battery



Product net weight


Product size


Life time

About 3 days (under full power)

Charging time

About 3.5 hours

Working mode

Infrared / Timing

Machine certification


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Xiaomi Youpin Petoneer Pet Odor Eliminator
Xiaomi Youpin Petoneer Pet Odor Eliminator

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