Fossibot F2400 Portable Power Station

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  • High-quality build looks captivating and elegant in portable square-shaped body with inbuilt handles and storage space
  • Massive 2048Wh/640000mAh power storage capacity allows you to power several electric appliances and 3 charging methods
  • Advanced bidirectional technology along with intelligent input power adjustment knobs ensures rapid charging
  • Multiple physical ports include 3 AC power sockets, 4 DC output ports, and 6 USB output ports
  • UPS function will turn on automatically within 0.01s when main power supply is interrupted to protect electric appliances
  • 3 charging methods comprise direct plug-in charging, solar charging and car charger to extend flexibility and convenience
  • Power station can power multiple devices such as phones, laptops, drones, blenders, mini coolers, electric grills etc.

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Fossibot F2400 Portable Power Station can be a wonderful and reliable solution to meet daily power requirements indoors and outdoors. It has a good combination of high-tech specifications and configurations covered in a portable physique. It comes with a stunning 2048Wh/640000mAh battery capacity and uses bidirectional inverter technology. Let’s check out more!


First of all, it is portable and compact in design and construction. It utilizes the best quality hardware materials to assemble the durable, attractive and potent product in a square shape. The prime reflection is the availability of several ports on the front. Also, you will see a flashlight and display panel to show real-time performance data and other information. It offers exquisite design, balanced inbuilt handles and storage space. Users will have dual (Vibrant Green and Classic Black) color options. Physically, the Fossibot power station measures 38.6×28.4×32.1cm and weighs 22kg.


The Fossibot F2400 Portable Power Station features a whopping 2048Wh/640000mAh (LiFePo4) of power storage capacity. Hence, it is significantly astonishing to see the inverter powering a wide range of electric appliances confidently. Also, the machine equips 2400W AC output. It supports 3 charging methods – direct plug-in charging, solar charging and car charging.

Bidirectional Inverter Technology

Further, the portable power station acknowledges the latest bidirectional inverter technology. Also, it supports intelligent input power adjustment (300W, 500W, 700W, 900W, and 1100W) knobs. It can push the input power to 1100W to capture 80% charging in 80 minutes and 100% charging in 1.78 hours.


The biggest charm is the integrated range of ports for connectivity. Users will have the full freedom to connect all types of gadgets using relevant ports. It features 3 AC power sockets, 4 DC output ports, and 6 USB output ports. Ultimately, you can use it to run rice cookers, TVs, hair dryers, electric kettles & blankets and even higher-power appliances.

UPS Power Supply

Moreover, people will also enjoy the provision of UPS functions. The device will switch to the UPS power supply automatically within 0.01s when the main power supply is interrupted. Eventually, it will protect your electric appliances and crucial data in hard disks and servers etc.

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Fossibot F2400 Portable Power Station
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Fossibot F2400 Portable Power Station is ideal for indoor and outdoor use with extensive power storage capacity, multiple ports, 3 charging methods and portable design.
  • Larger 2048Wh/640000mAh power storage capacity
  • Multiple physical ports
  • Advanced bidirectional technology
  • solar charging, direct plug-in charging and car charging support
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Fossibot F2400 Portable Power Station
Fossibot F2400 Portable Power Station

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