Deerma DEM-ZQ700 Steam Mop

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  • The portable and consolidated physique is impressive and elegant with a retractable stick design and comfortable handle
  • The double spray mechanism covers a larger 1140cm² area, including front and bottom, for up to 99.99% sterilization and decontaminate
  • The 220-260°C heating plate can generate a 105°C output temperature to ensure a 99.99% sterilization rate and complete disinfection
  • 5bar high pressure pushes steam efficiently to cover up to 60cm max area with 35g/min steam volume
  • 3 safety protections include dual temperature control, thermal fuse protection, and a safety relief valve for better performance
  • 3-layer composite floor mop cleaning brings efficient results with the decontamination, water-absorbing, and adhesive layer
  • 3-step steam cleaning for easy and convenient solutions to home cleaning problems

Deerma DEM-ZQ700 Steam Mop offers a 99.99% sterilization rate with double supercharged and 105-degree high-temperature steam. It is an efficient device to prevent infections and dissolve stubborn stains with 1200W power, 35g/min steam flow, and three safety protections.

Design and Build

Construction and appearance-wise, the Deerma steam mop is a handheld mopping machine with sleek and straightforward aesthetics. The stick-like design is carved magnificently with a handle on the top and the main machine at the bottom. The front side has four holes to release steam, while the bottom side comprises a rectangular panel for mopping purposes. Also, there is a 5m power cord to empower the machine and a 400ml heating water tank. The portable equipment weighs 3.8kg.


With the involvement of the double steam mechanism, users are likely to capture up to 99.99% sterilization and comprehensive decontamination. It comes with a double supercharged (bottom spray and front spray) steam dispersion system to make decontamination convenient, easy, and fast. 4 holes on the front side release enough steam to cover the maximum distance of up to 60cm. Also, it covers a 1140cm2 rectangular spray area with new-gen steam mop technology.


Furthermore, the steam mop will be able to produce a 220-260°C temperature on the heating plate. It can transform daily water into 105°C high-temperature steam to gain 99.99% sterilization and disinfection. It is easy and convenient to handle, and mothers and infants can use it confidently.


The 5bar high-pressure steam goes directly to the gaps efficiently due to dual temperature control and storage type boiler heating system. You can see the steam releasing from the front holes to cover a distance of 20-60cm. The steam volume ranges between 25 and 35g/min. Ultimately, it is capable of cleaning dirty kitchen stains and footprints.


The Deerma DEM-ZQ700 Steam Mop highlights three safety parameters: dual temperature control, thermal fuse protection, and a safety relief valve. Additionally, it has a 3-layer composite floor mop cleaning, which is easy to install and disassemble.

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Deerma DEM-ZQ700 Steam Mop
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Deerma DEM-ZQ700 Steam Mop is a demanding product of people in hunt to sterilize their place, cleaning 99.9% with its double spray mechanism.
  • Triple safety protection
  • Double steam release
  • 99.99% sterilization rate
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Deerma DEM-ZQ700 Steam Mop
Deerma DEM-ZQ700 Steam Mop

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