Realme Watch 1.4″-Gizcoupon

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  • Has 1.4-inch, 320 x 320 color touchscreen display
  • Comes with 20mm interchangeable straps
  • Has IP68 water resistance rating
  • Works with Android phones only
  • Powered by 160mAh battery

Realme Watch Description

Like its fitness band, it squeezes a fair amount into that watching body including some features you’d commonly associate with more expensive watches. There’s 24/7 activity tracking, a built-in heart rate monitor, and even a SpO2 sensor. Connected GPS will also let you track outdoor activities with the ability to view notifications and control music playback for smartwatch fans. The Realme Watch adopts the Apple Watch look in terms of design with a touchscreen display and swappable watch straps. Unlike Apple’s smartwatch, there’s the promise of a week’s worth of battery life and maybe more depending on how you use it. This is however an option for Android phone owners only.

The Realme Watch looks like a mix of an Apple Watch and a Fitbit Versa albeit with a notably more plastic design. It features a 36.5mm case, measures 11.8mm thick, and weighs just 31g. It’s a small-statured watch that’s light to wear, but not too light to make it feel cheap. The glossy finish on the casing gives off the impression of something more expensive, but this is definitely a plastic affair.


Realme uses its own operating system, which is currently only fit to work when it’s paired up with an Android phone. It hasn’t shared details on processing power or memory, but what we can say about performance is that it’s not perfect. While menus and features launch without issue, there is some noticeable lag swiping through screens.

It will track steps, distance covered, automatically monitor sleep, and record calorie burn. There’s no altimeter here, so you won’t be able to track elevation like stairs climbed, however. The accuracy of those features largely held up against a rival fitness tracker and a dedicated sleep tracker. Sleep tracking is kept to the basics breaking down deep, light, and REM sleep. It does at least let you view some of that data on the watch as well as inside of the app. The Realme Watch promises to give you over a week’s worth of battery life, but those numbers are based on Realme’s lab tests. In reality, it’s fair to say it’s been a bit over-optimistic with those numbers.

6.6Expert Score
Realme Watch 1.4″-Gizcoupon
Gizcoupon Review
The Realme Watch is a fitness tracker in a smartwatch body that does a solid enough job overall for the price. If you’re looking for something that tracks the basics well and has good battery life, then it will have appeal. If you want more in the way of rewarding sports tracking, smartwatch features and slicker performance, then it’s definitely worth spending more to get that.
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Reliable fitness tracking
  • Decent heart rate accuracy
  • Screen responsiveness
  • Underwhelming sports tracking
  • Ambitious battery life claims
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