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BlitzWolf AirAux AA-UM8 TWS Earphones

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Banggood.com has BlitzWolf® AirAux AA-UM8 TWS Bluetooth V5.1 AAC Earphones on sale for $22.99. Price history, coupons and price alert are available on this page. Shipping warehouse limited: 🇨🇳 CN warehouseCurrent: $22.99 | Average: $22.99 | The lowest: $22.99 | 1 records in DB | Price monitoring since 2021-06-10Tip: Coupon code has to be applied in shop’s checkout page, AliExpress store coupon can be obtained directly on its product page.You don’t want to choose this shipping warehouse or store? Check other deal(s) about this product down below.Latest coupon and price update (UTC): 2021-06-10

The BlitzWolf AIRAUX AA-UM8 Earphones are suitable for active users looking for wireless, compact and ergonomic headphones. They provide excellent sound. The ability to make phone calls is at the highest level.

BlitzWolf AirAux AA-UM8 Earphones Key Specs

The body of the headphones is made of durable matte plastic. No fingerprints remain on the surface. On the outside, there is a microphone, a convenient touch-type control button, and an active LED. There is a contact on the inside to charge the wireless headphones. On the outside of each headphone are a microphone, an LED indicator, and a touch control button with a transparent border for diffusing the backlight. Weighing in at 41.3 grams, the AA-UM8 has got a 1.2-meter long cord and has IPX5 protection, so it won’t hurt if a summer shower catches us.

The Dual Dynamic Driver AIRAUX AA-UM8 features not only two dynamic drives but also uses frequency division technology. As a result, earphones stand out with this design and greater sound detail. It also provides a wireless connection to your smartphone. So, even if it falls out of the ear, thanks to the neckband design, you don’t have to worry about it hitting the ground.

In addition, the AIRAUX AA-UM8 communicates with our mobile phone via a Bluetooth 5.0 connection. Thanks to its A73mAh battery, you can use it for 3-5 hours depending on the volume. It is a new member of the BlitzWolf sub-brand with a double dynamic driver, which already enriches the line of TWS earbuds. The BlitzWolf AIRAUX AA-UM8 has a 40mAh battery, which according to the manufacturer is sufficient for 5 hours of music playback time. The charging cradle has a 500mAh battery and you can charge it via the USB Type-C port. On the other hand, it takes only 1.5 hours to fully charge the earphones.

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BlitzWolf AirAux AA-UM8 TWS Earphones
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The BlitzWolf AA-UM8 earphones ensure ergonomic comfort and are IPX5 waterproof. It also ensures a long playback time and comes with a high battery capacity.
  • Supports AAC Codec
  • Low delay mode
  • 500mAh battery capacity
  • Ergonomic comfort
  • Lack of boss
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Current: $29.99 | Average: $22.99 | The lowest: $17.99 | 10 records in DB | Price monitoring since 2021-06-10

BlitzWolf AirAux AA-UM8 TWS Earphones
BlitzWolf AirAux AA-UM8 TWS Earphones


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