Creality 3D Sermoon D1 3D Printer

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  • Direct drive extruder: all-metal extrusion and direct drive with strong extruding
  • Excellent nozzles structure: the D1 has been equipped with a wear-resistant all-metal nozzle and an upgraded cooling system
  • Double Z-axis screw: equipped with dual Y-axis motors and down-shift Z-axis, moving more smoothly, fewer points of failure
  • Added on: it offers all of the quality of life features such as resume printing function, filament runout sensor, auto power-off, etc.

Creality is one of the famous and high-quality 3D printer producer brands in the market. Here we have the Sermoon D1 Printer with its unique specifications. The Creality 3D Sermoon D1 is an industrial-grade 3D printer. Features that make the Sermoon D1 3D printer stand out in the market are its quietness and transparent design.

Creality 3D Sermoon D1 Printer Features

Talking about the features, the Creality Sermoon D1 3D printer prints at the maximum speed of 180mm/s. Moreover, it delivers a highly stable and sturdy 3D printing experience. In addition, the Sermoon D1 comes with a precision of ±0.1mm and a double Z-axis screw rod. The printer has a great nozzle structure. There are also several smart sensors protecting the 3D object. These smart sensors can resume the printing operation if it comes to a halt in the event of any power failure or it runs out of filament mid-print. Moreover, there is a 4.3-inch color touch screen.

We cannot fail to mention that the 3D printer comes with a consumables diameter of 1.75mm. On the other hand, the bed temperature of the printer is 110 °. It uses 1.75mm PLA ABS TPU copper wood filament. And it comes with a maximum print size of 280x260x310mm. You can easily raise and lower the print bed and can heat up the extruder. At the same time, it uses a direct drive instead of a Bowden extruder like most of the Creality printers.

It is also worth noting, that, unlike the other Creality printers, this Sermoon D1 does not use Marlin as a control interface. Instead, this one uses its own interface. However, it is easy to operate, all you need is to choose the printable item and hit the print. So, the printer is suitable both for beginners and for those who have experience in printing.

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Creality 3D Sermoon D1 3D Printer
Gizcoupon Review
The Creality Sermoon D1 3D printer is great for both beginners and professionals. It features a simple interface, that makes the operation experience much easier.
  • Industrial-grade printing
  • Exquisite appearance
  • Transparent design
  • Dual-Z axis screw
  • Variable voltage power supply
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Specification: Creality 3D Sermoon D1 3D Printer

Molding techNology


Layer thickness

0.1-0.4 mm

Printing accuracy

±0.1 mm

Print size

280*260*310 mm

Machine size

500*500*531 mm

Package size

590*590*410 mm

Hotbed temperature

≤100 °C

Nozzle temperature

≤250 °C

Supported filament



4.3-inch touch screen

Power supply

AC 100-240V, DC 24V

Nozzle diameter

Standard 0.4 mm(optional 0.2 mm/0.8 mm/1.2 mm)


20.5 kg


26.5 kg

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Creality 3D Sermoon D1 3D Printer
Creality 3D Sermoon D1 3D Printer

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