CMacewheel X26 Folding Electric Bike

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  • The aluminum alloy shell looks rugged and durable alongside being attractive with a 150kg load capacity
  • LCD display allows riders to track crucial data, i.e., battery status, mileage, current speed, etc., in real-time
  • 750W brushless motor helps riders conquer the 45km/h max speed, strong torque, and 30-degree angle climbing
  • 48V 10Ah lithium battery facilitates hassle-free riding with 60km (assistance) mileage and three modes of travel
  • 26×4.0” rubber mountain tires are solid and wear-resistant to surpass harsh and stubborn road conditions confidently
  • Dual disc brakes offer good safety and protection in emergency braking to capture hassle-free riding
  • The bright headlight will spread enough brightness to illuminate your path enormously for safer night commuting

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The recently-unveiled CMACEWHEEL X26 Dual Battery Electric Bike is a high-value vehicle suitable for riders of all ages. Cmacewheel X26 electric folding bike has a 750W hub motor and dual suspensions. This 26-inch two-battery motorised folding bike further boosts the bike’s range. The electric motor delivers 1,000W peak and 750W continuous power at 45km per hour to offer a smooth riding experience.


The strong aluminium alloy frame of the bike is lightweight, rust-proof, and can hold 120-150kg of body weight. The ergonomic seat’s rough and high-elastic marine fill makes long-distance climbs more comfortable. The bicycle’s non-slip half-handle set has a low failure rate which ensures the safety of the rider. It also offers excellent linear handling. The CMACEWHEEL X26 Folding Moped Electric Bicycle weighs just about 30 kg, making it easy to shift and carry. 


48V–750W brushless motors are solid and fast, offering a comfortable climb. The controller reduces friction and boosts the performance of the electric bike. Three modes of travel are available: electric, power assist, and riding, allowing you to ride at your convenience. CMacewheel X2X Dual Battery Electric Bike is the first folding flat e-bike with outstanding performance. 

Braking system

The disc brakes are simple, quick, and safe, and they will prevent you from unnecessary accidents. It has a steel-cable rim brake. The brake lever pushes the cable to the calliper, and the cable moves the calliper and piston. Furthermore, the piston pulls the brake pads toward the rotor to stop the bike. An additional wider tyre provides more protection against bumps, and the aluminium alloy frame ensures safety.

Shock absorber

Effective hydraulic shock absorbers of the CMacewheel X26 Folding Electric Bike enhance the comfort of the rider. The mechanical front shock absorber is quite effective in reducing road disturbances. This makes it possible to ride smoothly over difficult ground.


The 10Ah battery may provide a range of 25–35 km in purely electric mode. Using the assist mode, it can even run for up to 60 kilometres. Its removable battery pack is long-lasting and easy to charge. You can easily charge the battery in about 5-6 hours, and a full-charged bike will ride for hours.

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CMacewheel X26 Folding Electric Bike
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CMacewheel X26 Folding Electric Bike is ready to serve people in rough road conditions with solid tires, a powerful battery, and an efficient motor to be an ideal bike for regular use.
  • Strong and foldable design
  • Powerful 750W motor
  • Solid and wear-resistant 26" tires
  • Brighter LCD display
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CMacewheel X26 Folding Electric Bike
CMacewheel X26 Folding Electric Bike

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