BetaFPV TWIG ET5 Toothpick Quad

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Product is rated as #66 in category RC Drones
  • Equipped with F405 brushless flight control + 35A BLHeli_32ESC combination
  • Comes with a 1506 3000KV motor and Gemfan 5125 3-Blad prop
  • Equipped with STM32F405 processor
  • Features a 4s battery, smooth flight for 4 minutes and 50 seconds
  • Comes with a Caddx Ratel camera and 200mW VTX

The BetaFPV TWIG ET5 Toothpick Quad is a new generation of FPV racing. We can even say that it is considered to be one of the lightest 5-inch Toothpicks on the market. As a lightweight 5” toothpick drone, it only weighs 169.3g. Though we are talking about a lightweight product, we should mention that it is powerful enough. So, its size will make your flight easier without limitation.

BetaFPV TWIG ET5 Toothpick Quad Features

It offers a versatile F405 Flight Controller and 35A rated BLHeli_32 electronic speed controller (ESC). The latter provides the quadcopter with powerful flight performance. Moreover, it is very convenient for assembly.

As for the battery life, in total, it comes with a 4s battery. This battery will ensure your fast-flying experience. It turns the brushless whoop drone into a beast.  So it can provide you with 4:50 minutes of a smooth flight, and 3:20 minutes of an insane flight.

In terms of connectivity, it has a few ports that support plugging the receiver, ESC, led board, and VTX directly. These ports also will support the direct connection of the receiver, ESC controller, LED board, and video transmitter directly without soldering.

It is also worth mentioning that it also uses a Caddx Ratel camera and 200mW VTX. So, this drone is more suitable for both LOS (Line of Sight) and FPV (First Person View) players. It also features 1506 3000KV motors with Gemfan 5125 3-Blad props.

We would like to add that the BetaFPV TWIG ET5 5” Toothpick Quad drone will also give you the strongest power to fly more flexibly and more durable thanks to the STM32F405 processor FC boards that are capable of providing outstanding performance and a tuned firmware (Betaflight Omnibus 3.5.0). These two also ensure faster input signals with lower latency and higher update rates.

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BetaFPV TWIG ET5 Toothpick Quad
Gizcoupon Review
TheBetaFPV TWIG ET5 5'' Toothpick Quad is a lightweight 5" drone. Thanks to the perfect combination of 1506 3000KV brushless motors and Gemfan 5125 3-blade propellers, pilots will have no problems with propeller dips and shakes in flight.
  • Excellent flight experience
  • Many ports
  • Short flight time

Specification: BetaFPV TWIG ET5 Toothpick Quad




169.3g (Not including Battery)


F405 Flight Controller & 35A BLHeli_32ESC


1506 3000KV brushless motor


Gemfan 5125 3-Blade props


Caddx Ratel Camera


A01 25-200mW 5.8G VTX


TWIG ET5 5'' Toothpick Frame


Canopy for Mini Cam V3 Black

Receiver Option

Frsky FCC/ Frsky LBT/ Futaba/ TBS/ PNP


4S battery, like 450mAh 4S battery/850mAh 4S battery (Not included)

Videos: BetaFPV TWIG ET5 Toothpick Quad

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BetaFPV TWIG ET5 Toothpick Quad
BetaFPV TWIG ET5 Toothpick Quad

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