Anycubic® Photon M3 3D Printer

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  • Ultra-fast printing requires only 2.5 hours to print a 12 cm high miniature which is less time taken than other competitive products
  • Matrix LED beads offer stronger light energy for high-speed printing
  • Anit-Scratch protective film extends the lifespan of the LCD screen
  • Texturized checkerboard pattern for improving adhesion and printing success rate
  • 7.6 inches monochrome screen for user convenience
  • Ultra-high-resolution for producing parts with high dimensional accuracy

Anycubic® Photon M3 3D Printer will unleash your imagination with the larger, high-quality screen. This printer is beneficial in printing high-quality 3D prints. You will be more flexible while preparing for bed prints due to more space being offered to print than other printers. This printer weighs 7 kg which is still lighter compared to the features and strongly built up provided by this printer.


You will have a larger screen area to see every detail. The large 7.6 inches screen is beneficial for the user to play on a broader screen for printing. This printer has a higher resolution of 4096 X 2560 pixels which will sharpen your mind. This printer can quickly help you easily produce more accurate parts and complicated detailing. The 2.8 inches resistance touch screen will make it easy to use with fingers. This printer has considered scratch damage on the screen, so its LCD screen offers protection with an Anti-scratch feature. You won’t have to worry about scratch damages on the screen, which is helpful for longer life by protecting against accidental spills. You will enjoy more robust and reliable printing platforms consisting of aluminum alloy.

Anycubic® Photon M3 3D Printer Printing

This printer has a parallel matrix light source which helps offer you more UV-light flow, stronger light, and faster printing speed. The new printer provides the best contrast ratio of 400:1 which will help you get sharp surface finishes. This printer uses a new build plate consisting of a checkerboard pattern that helps improve bonding and printing success rate. You will save your precious time while performing printing commands. This printer has improved printing speed and takes 30 minutes less than competitive products.


This printer comes at a reasonable price with faster printing speed and more robust build plates. This resin printer is straightforward to operate due to its user-friendly interface and offers improved printing speed compared to competitive products with different pricing ranges.

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Anycubic® Photon M3 3D Printer
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Anycubic® Photon M3 3D Printer adopts a large screen of 7.6-inch with a higher resolution of 4096 X 2560 pixels and an Anti-scratch feature
  • With a 7.6-inch high-quality monochrome screen
  • The printing volume of Anycubic Photon M3 is up to 180×163.9×102.4mm
  • The new build plate has a texturized checkerboard pattern that dramatically improves adhesion and print success rate
  • Extremely sharp & clear edges
  • Powerful Enlighting Matrix
  • Did not find

Specification: Anycubic® Photon M3 3D Printer




3D Printer


Photon M3

Product Type


Printing platform

Laser carving metal

Platform area

248.0 in² / 1,600 cm²

Printing dimensions

7.1 x 6.4 x 4.0 in. /18.0 x 16.3 x 10.2 cm (HWD)

Printing volume

101.19 oz. / 2.99 L

Printing material

UV resin

Exposure screen

7.6inch monochrome

Screen area

25.6 in² / 167.28 cm²

Light transmittance


Anti-scratch film


Screen lifespan

2,000 hr

Light source

Parallel matrix (LED x 28)

Power density

3,500 – 4,500 μw/cm²


≥ 90%

Power regulation


Machine leveling

Manual (4-point)

Screen resolution


Screen pixels

10,490,880 px

Horizontal resolution


Vertical resolution

10 μm


Rail x 1

Layer thickness

10 – 150 μm

Printing speed

≤ 5 cm/hr. / 1.97 in./hr

Control panel

2.8inch TFT touch-control

Data input

USB-A 2.0

Cooling fan


Power supply


Body material

Plastic base + plastic cover

Product Weight

7 kg

Product Size(L x W x H)

42.5 x 26.9 x 25.6 cm

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Anycubic® Photon M3 3D Printer
Anycubic® Photon M3 3D Printer

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