Akko 3061S Tokyo R2 Mechanical Keyboard

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  • Compact keyboard with 60% layout design with a body length of about 11.5-inches and take less space
  • Separate keyboard and data cable with Type-C interface, which makes it is easy to use and easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Support multi-key macro programming and trigger skills with one key and one win click
  • Gateron factory produced switches and supports hot-swappable; mute cotton added in the middle for a better experience
  • 16.8 million color backlights, adjustable 18 kinds of backlight effects with customization support
  • Customized PBT keycaps for a comfortable feel, dry surface and don’t slip easily for comfortable touch feel
  • All keys without conflict and quick response, millisecond input, millisecond response

Akko 3061S Tokyo R2 Mechanical Keyboard offers a compact design to fit on your workspace easily.

Akko 3061S Tokyo R2 Mechanical Keyboard Design

This mechanical keyboard offers a design full of rich colors which are pleasing to your eyes. This keyboard follows a 60% compact layout while holding all essential key functions, leaving you ample space on your desk even after placing this keyboard. This keyboard was built without easting even a single millimeter of space. The keyboard comes with 61 keys, making it compact and easily portable during business trips. The compact size doesn’t compromise its rich functions as you may use Fn key combination for volume adjustment or open the calculator for faster and easy operation.


The keycaps of this keyboard promise to sustain a longer lifespan due to the use of PBT material made through the dye repress so that it doesn’t fade away. The surface gives the feel of supreme and comprehensive, and the texture doesn’t get slip quickly, giving you a smooth touch experience while typing. You can showcase your creativeness as keycaps are replaceable. All keys work with a quick response without conflicting with millisecond input, millisecond response, and fast input.

Hot-Swappable Terminal

The most significant advantage of this keyboard version is the hot-swappable terminal. This hot-swappable mechanical keyboard ensures key switches are replaced freely and safely without soldering. This keyboard comes with an Original world tour Tokyo theme, adding unique features to the list. This keyboard supports a 5-pin switch, so you may choose to replace it with any original Gateron switch you prefer. Adding a mute cotton layer in the middle makes your typing experience satisfactory and unforgettable.

Gateron Switches

Gateron manufacturer produced these switches, which are known for producing stable and renowned switches. This keyboard offers Gateron orange, pink, and yellow switches for a supreme performance. This keyboard provides clicky or quiet typing according to your need, and you may choose one type of switch as per your choice and enjoy the wonderful tour of this mechanical keyboard.

Data Cable & Macro Programming

This keyboard’s full-key macro programming support allows you to set up and store game combos in the keys, which helps to trigger skills with one key and win with one click. You may separate the keyboard and data cable by using a detachable keyboard and data cable design. It allows easy assembling and disassembling with ease of use and uses a Type-C interface for charging.

This keyboard also supports 16.8 million backlight colors and adjustable 18 kinds of back lightning effects with customization options.

Akko 3061S Tokyo R2 Mechanical Keyboard Review

This hot-swappable terminal makes this keyboard a stand-alone product among other mechanical keyboards. This keyboard must have multiple adjustable lighting effects and millions of backlight color support.

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Akko 3061S Tokyo R2 Mechanical Keyboard
Gizcoupon Review
Akko 3061S Tokyo R2 Mechanical Keyboard adopts a stylish design with rich colors and a 60% compact layout with 61 keys.
  • RGB Backlight
  • Tokyo R2 design customized PBT keycaps
  • Supports full-key macro programming
  • Did not find

Specification: Akko 3061S Tokyo R2 Mechanical Keyboard



Product Name

Mechanical Keyboard


3061S Tokyo R2

Keycap Material


Keycap Profile

Cherry Profile


Type-C to USB




approximately 292 * 101 * 37mm


approximately 0.5kg

Hot Swappable


Multimedia Keys


N-Key Rollover


Custom Keys

Yes (use Akko Marco V1.0)

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Akko 3061S Tokyo R2 Mechanical Keyboard
Akko 3061S Tokyo R2 Mechanical Keyboard

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