Xiaomi Smart Drawer Cabinet Lock

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- 44% Xiaomi Smart Drawer Cabinet Lock
Xiaomi Smart Drawer Cabinet Lock
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Xiaomi Smart Drawer Cabinet Lock
Xiaomi Smart Drawer Cabinet Lock

$33.99 $19.19


Xiaomi Smart Drawer Cabinet Lock Wireless Bluetooth APP Unlock Anti-Theft Child Safety File Security Lock

Main Features:

Phone Replaces Key, One Click To Open
Your phone is the key. after binding your account, you will never worry about losing keys. It can be opened via Bluetooth connection easily. Use a phone app to 0.1-second fast open lock in 10m distance.
Care About Baby’s Safety
Away From Medicines & Sharp Things
Baby is curious about all the things around him? Worried that he might eat medicines by mistake or get hurt by a sharp object? This drawer lock is a great way to protect your baby from potential dangers.
Protect File Privacy, Keyless Convenience
Don’t want others to rummage through the important documents and personal belongings in your office drawer. When using a traditional mechanical lock, colleagues are in a hurry to ask for your documents, and you cannot timely hand over or lose the key. This smart lock is secure and also free to authorize keys in APP, to improve working efficiency.
Ultra-Low Power Consumption, Long-Lasting Time
AAA battery power supply, ultra-low power consumption design, and automatic reminder under the low battery. Open the lock, the remaining power state will display. Can set the automatic opening under low battery, to avoid the unavailability of important documents.
Hidden Installation, Won’t Affect Appearance
Installed inside the drawer or cabinet, it is equipped with 3 M industrial strength adhesive tape, strong and durable. Simple installation, suitable for all kinds of material of drawers and cabinets. Invisibles installation, and no need to drill holes, do not affect the household beauty, compact and mini, more convenient and applicable to the small space in the drawer.
Applicable to Sorts of Cabinets
This item can be installed in wooden, iron, PVC, and other materials drawer and cabinets, from home to office, all enjoy the intelligent life.
Minimalist Design, Pure White & Delicate
We focus on every little detail in our design, with careful design for better user experience.
Lock Body Shell: The outer shell adopts anti-UV material to resist aging and ensure that the appearance will not fade for a long time.
Lock Tongue: Multi-layer chrome plating process, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, flexible, and compact.

Package Included:

1 x Smart Cabinet Lock Set


Additional information

Specification: Xiaomi Smart Drawer Cabinet Lock

Material ABS+PC
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0
Unlock Distance ≤10m
Unlock Speed 1~2s
Power 2xAAA Battery
Compatibility iOS&Android
APP Language English, Chinese
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